[For beginners] Learn about layer masks by coloring text!




Hey! everyone!

How have you been?

Were you drawing illustrations?

There are many sad things happening in the world

Even so, I didn't give up and kept drawing!


by the way

For beginners, do you use layer masks well?


When you try to use the layer mask function, you may be confused by the items "Mask outside the selected area" and "Mask the selected area".


When you select one of them, nothing happens to the illustration or conversely the illustration disappears, some beginners may be surprised to find that the illustration has been deleted. Is it not?


To tell you the truth, I have also been drawing illustrations without using layer masks.

However, recently I've finally learned how to use layer masks, and they've come in handy when drawing illustrations.


Therefore, this time, I will introduce how to use layer masks as clearly as possible through coloring text**.


I'm introducing it through "Kanji" used in Asia, but it can also be applied to characters other than kanji, such as the alphabet.If you'd like, I've posted a video on YouTube. I would appreciate it if you could take a look.


This time I'm introducing it using text, but of course you can also apply it to creating illustrations.


When watching the video, it will be easier to understand if you set the automatic translation to your native language.

Thank you for watching until the end.


In the Community of my YouTube channel, we also conduct Surveys regarding illustrations (Example: Do you know the flaws in your own drawing style? YES/NO). , I would be happy if you could join us if you like.


Well then, see you next time!



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