Introducing an easy way to practice Bezier curves




Hey! everyone! How have you been?

Were you drawing?

I also tried my best to draw it 😊


Come on! This time, I will introduce an easy way to practice Bezier curves.


What it really means is tracing the ``edges of the letters''.


I think most people practice by drawing an illustration and tracing the illustration onto a Bezier curve.


However, in my case, drawing illustrations takes up my time, and by the time I practice Bezier curves, I have lost my concentration and have no desire to practice. there was.


However, with "letters", you can immediately type on the canvas, so you can practice Bezier curves right away, and you can start practicing without losing your motivation to practice.


I have also posted a video, so please take a look if you like.

From around the middle of the video, when drawing a Bezier curve, we will also show you where to attach the pen tip to the pen tablet, when to release it, and when to press "Ctrl" on the keyboard.


In this video, I practice in my native language, Japanese, but I'm sure you can practice this method in your native language as well.


Bezier curves are very useful for illustration production, so please give them a try.


When watching the video, we recommend setting the automatic translation to your native language, as this will help you understand the content more deeply.



Thank you for reading to the end.

One month has already passed since the beginning of 2024.

Japan has suffered damage from earthquakes, and wars continue around the world.

Things are still dark, but please don't give up on your dreams and draw lots of illustrations!

I'll draw too!

Let's work hard together!

See you next time!



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