How to get rid of the discomfort in Perth 1


This is a method to remove the discomfort of Perth, not a direct background drawing course.
This is a confirmation method when you feel that the character is not on the perspective or background.
With this knowledge, you will be able to figure out whether it is best to put a bust-up or middle-sized character on the original background or 3D background.

It is written on the premise that you know one-point perspective and how to use Crysta's perspective ruler. Various people explain one-point perspective, so please have a look there. For how to use the perspective ruler, see the Crysta manual.

① Write down what kind of composition you want

It's okay if it's fluffy and you want to have this kind of composition. This time I envisioned drawing a corridor in an apartment.
Make sure this is a strange composition.

② Draw eye level

Using a perspective ruler from the corridor, derive the eye level and vanishing point, and place the character standing by the wall from the floor height and eye level.
If the floor is flat, the same part of the character will come to the eye level. In this case it is the neck.

③ Derive the height of the character in front of the door from the height of the head

From the boundary between the floor line and the floor line on the back wall, draw the boundary on the left wall (red vertical line).
Draw a line right beside the character's head in the back, and use a perspective ruler to derive the height of the head from the boundary of the left wall in the back (purple line).
The height of the character is 170 cm. If the height of the door is 200 cm, you can see that the door is extremely high.
(Please adjust the dimensions to your liking)

④ Adjust the door

If you adjust the door, it will look like this.

I wanted to draw the corridor of the condominium this time, but I felt that the corridor was quite wide and the ceiling was high, so I would like to narrow it.

⑤ Overall adjustment

First, narrow the corridor (dark green line)
① Pull the height of the left door to the back wall with a perspective, and draw the height when there is a door on the back wall. It is a back calculation of what I did in "③ Deriving the height of the character in front of the door from the height of the head". From there, copy the height of the door to the newly decided wall. (Red line)
② Draw a line from the four corners of the left door to the side to determine the size of the new wall door. (Orange line on the left)
③ Since the ceiling is high, I adjusted the height of the ceiling (about 230 cm) (purple line).
④ Copy the passage on the right side of the back to a new wall (orange line on the right)
⑤ I felt that the width of the passage was wider than the door, so I narrowed it (yellow-green line).

⑥ Arrange the picture

Here is the summary of the lines.
I think it would have been nice if the corridor was a little wider, but if you are interested, please adjust it in the same way.

Since it is an apartment, I would like to add a door.

⑦ Derivation of the height of the door

① You can find the height of the left door by connecting the perspective.
Draw the door of ② and add
③ Since the height of the right door is not known as it is, extend the line from the height of the left door to the side from the floor, and extend the line directly above from the boundary between the floor and the right wall. The intersection with the door height line is the height of the right door.

⑧ Draw the right door

I drew a perspective line at the height of the door on the right and added a door.

⑨ Perth completed

Erase what you don't need and you're done.
In the current state, the character looks smaller by drawing a door on the right. This is because the character's elbows cover the line in front of the door so that the standing position appears to be in front of the door.
Considering the comparison between the current character and the door, it is a reasonable position to be in front of the door.

After drawing the character, fine-tune it so that it does not cover the door, or fine-tune the position of the door to eliminate the discomfort.
If it is a game-like background and arrangement by character, I think that it is possible as it is.

This is how to decide the perspective to eliminate the discomfort of the perspective.
After that, write the details according to the perspective and paint it, and you're done.
I think you can put 3D in accordance with this and complete it.

I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.



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