How to get rid of discomfort in perspective 2


It is another pattern of the previous picture.

This is the background of this picture, but it explains how to show the floor and how to adjust it if you do not want to change the size of the door.

In the current situation, this happens when you take the perspective from the floor. In that case, take the eye level again.

Ⅰ Determine the size of the character in the back

The height of the door in the back is derived by the method of determining the height of the door last time, and the size of the person is determined.
At this point, you don't have to think about eye level.

Ⅱ Determine the eye level from the left door and floor

Here is the eye level derived from the door and floor.
The reason why I chose the door and floor this time is that it can be used without breaking that part.
If there is a place where you want to make use of this part of the background you are drawing, take a perspective from there.
The orange and purple lines are the image of the floor on the right. If this is left as it is, it will be different from the image of the floor you wanted to draw, so move the vanishing point and adjust it later.

Ⅲ Adjust the door and character position according to the eye level

Move the position of the character and the door according to the eye level of the character in front. This time I will put it on my eyes.

Ⅳ Determine the size of the back wall

Determine the size you like by assuming the width and height of the corridor (green line)
If you have the exact dimensions you want, adjust them accordingly.

V. Shift the vanishing point and take perspective

As I drew in II earlier, move the vanishing point to the center and take a perspective (purple line).
You can arrange this, but if you want to make the floor look the same, use a little rough work.

VI Rough business. Increase eye level

As the title suggests, increase the eye level (green horizontal line)
Take the floor perspective from there.

Is this okay? I think some people think that, but when I checked the perspective from the background illustrations of the corridors of professional manga artists and painters, most of the paintings did not draw one vanishing point. If you have a picture or manga in the corridor that doesn't feel strange, please check it out.
I'm drawing a picture, and Perth is just an auxiliary line. It doesn't matter if the perspective is a little different as long as the picture doesn't look strange.

If you increase the eye level to two, it is best to think that the middle level is the eye level.

Ⅶ  complete

Arrange the lines and complete.

If you add details to this or add 3D, the background will be completed.

This is the second way to draw perspective to remove discomfort.

I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.



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