MY DIY CLIP STUDIO TAB MATE!! 8BitDo Lite Controller Setup



I always get inspired by other artists’ awesome work and the gadgets they use,
And I usually get intimidated and amazed at the same time,
especially if I want to follow and study their process.
Their work area,
Their gallery
And toys
But when I check our local friendly store for these items…

Imagine the horror

Have I got a solution for you!
The 8bitdo Lite Controller!

Today were going to show you how to use the 8bitdo lite controller as an express remote for your Clip Studio Paint

Manga artists has a tight deadline of 1 week per issue
To compensate for that time frame they need a fast workaround process
And some mangakas use Express keys or Tabmate remotes for their display tablets to speed up their art design pipeline.

But how can we ordinary artists afford that expensive gadget when we are still at the beginning of our art career.

An 8bitdo Lite Controller
Small, can fit in your hand easily
And cheap!

There is a smaller version of this controller the zero 2 version, but I prefer this one since it has more buttons to play with.


This controller is wireless and detects on Bluetooth, and if your PC has a built in Bluetooth receiver then there is no problem for you.

But if you have an old motherboard like mine
It doesn’t have a Bluetooth receiver then you’ll have to purchase this
The 8bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

It’s easy to install, plug in the Bluetooth adapter, and press the button on the underside

Then on the controller make sure the switch is on letter X for windows compatibility

And then press the ‘Home’ button and then hold the pair button on the underside of the controller
The led indicator lights up and will be moving from left to right, it means that is looking up for the device to be paired with.

Once the lights is on single led bar then that means it is connected,

And were good to go!

Now when using this amazing gadget with Clip Studio Paint you must have a third-party app that can convert its input keys to keyboard inputs

You’ll need
The JoytoKey app

This app will emulate keyboard inputs to your controller, since Clip Studio Paint shortcut keys are keyboard-based you can now easily remap to your controller.

First, go to their website at

And download the latest version of their app

After the download is done, install the software
Since I have already set my shortcut keys to my keyboard, then remapping the buttons will be easy

For a quick tutorial on how to set the shortcut keys on Clip Studio Paint check out our previous tutorial

It is important on how you hold your controller on one hand; since it will affect the shortcut assignment on which button you press that you are comfortable with.
I hold the controller this way which I can easily navigate the buttons with my thumb.

Once the software is installed this will be the main UI of the app
Click on the button you want to remap to your keyboard shortcut key by pressing ‘Edit Button Assignment’
Or just by double-clicking specific controller button which will be highlighted every time you press the button

Then click the Keyboard Emulation Basic 1st box and click the specific key on your keyboard that has an assigned shortcut for the Clip Studio Paint

Now do this to all the buttons on your controller

Rinse and Repeat

It has 22 buttons that can be used for remapping and now you can use 22 shortcuts
Once you’re done rename the profile to any name you like and save your profile by clicking ‘File’ then ‘Save’.

Now your 8bitdo Controller is ready to use!

You can now speed run your art just like the pro Mangakas!


Now if you have an IPad pro you can also use this controller as a shortcut remote
But not as versatile as the zero 2 version where you can remap each button as shortcut key for the Clip Studio Paint

Instead, you can input the gestures to your 8bitdo Lite controller
Yes that’s right


IPad gestures!

Since the 8bitdo Lite controller has no keyboard mode and the IPad doesn’t have an app like the JoytoKey

We can just use the Gestures that you meticulously turn or move your IPad screens as shortcuts

Here’s how to do it

You have to let the Ipad detect the controller
By going to ‘Settings’ then ‘Accessibility’
And click Switch Control
Then turn on Switch Control
Then click ‘Switches’
Then Bluetooth Devices…
Then pair up with the 8bitdo Lite gamepad
You then check it on Bluetooth devices if it successfully connects

Now setup your settings on the Switch Control
This is my setting
Scanning Style = manual
Auto-hide = 1s
Move repeat = 5s
Long Press = off
Tap Behavior = Auto Tap
Focused Item after = First
Scan same key tap = off
Always tap keyboard keys = On
Extended Predictions = On
Hold Duration = Off
Ignore Repeat = 0.1 s
Then I leave everything else as default

Now we’re going to assign the gestures to the Controller
Make sure the Switch Control is On
Then go to Switches
Then Add New Switch…
Then the ‘Source’ is External
Then click on your controller button and assign a designated name
Example: click up button on the controller and assign it to ‘Up’
After that, assign the ‘Actions’ as ‘Stop Scanning’
Now assign it to the remaining buttons on your controller
Rinse and Repeat

Once you’re done go to ‘Recipes’
Then Create New Recipe
I named it 8bitdo Lite
Then Assign a Switch…
Then assign a button that will designate a specific gesture
It will be at your own preference on which button you should assign the gesture
I started mine with the button ‘A’
Then click ‘Custom Gesture’
Then apply the gesture on your IPad screen
This gesture is ‘Two Finger Pinch Up’ which in Clip Studio Paint is ‘Zoom In’
Then add another switch
Rinse and Repeat to all the Gestures

‘Two Finger Pinch Down’ is ‘Zoom Out’
‘Two Finger Rotate Right’ is ‘Rotate Canvas Right’
‘Two Finger Rotate Left’ is ‘Rotate Canvas Left’
‘Two Finger swipe right’ is ‘Pan Canvas to the Right’
‘Two Finger swipe left’ is ‘Pan Canvas to Left’
‘Two Finger swipe down’ is ‘Pan Canvas to Down’
‘Two Finger swipe up’ is ‘Pan Canvas to Up’
‘Two Finger tap’ is ‘Undo’
‘Three Finger tap’ is ‘Redo’
‘Single Finger hold’ is Eyedropper tool
Once you’re done with assigning the Gestures turn off the ‘Switch Control’
And turn it back on to apply the gestures you’ve assigned
And then go back to Recipes
Then ‘Launch Recipe’
And then click 8bitdo Lite
Now you can use the8bitdo Controller as Express remote on your Ipad

And to compensate for all the tools needed for shortcuts you can just open the ‘Quick Access’ window and set your favorite tools there

Now go make art like a pro!

It will take you most of the day to get accustomed of the controller as an Express Remote

So don’t stop practicing!

If you have any questions about the DIY device for Clip Studio Paint comment down below

Here is the 8bitdo Lite Controller Amazon Link



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