How to insert 3-dimensional 3D data into the material palette (Crista)




First open clip studio modeler (free).

(No license registration is necessary)




clip studio modeler is opened at first.

(it isn`t necessaru to be a license)




「sketch」is changed to 「root node」


a obj file is read from the lower right.




the upper lert is a texture and lighting choice.

this is preparations of photogaraphy.


the upper right is the camera angle.

the lower right is photography of a cover.





you can register with a clip studio paint at the upper left.


a cover will be replaced later.


Of course, you can only import data of the extension that Crysta supports.

Since I am not familiar with 3D data, ask a detailed person.

(Tentatively obj and lwo were fine)


In addition, MMD (pmd / pmx) can not be imported.





all kinds 3D file can`t be used.

please confirm the filename extension which can be used first.


it isn`t possible to use MMD(pmd/pmx)for now.





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