Find out in 6 frames! Perspective ruler and fisheye perspective (CLIP STUDIO PAINT ver.2)




I don't care about the 1.00 projection. I want to use it for the time being! It is TIPS for those who say.





2. There are two lines you should draw, right and left. The point where the two lines meet is the horizon line.




3. Eye level is eye level. You can adjust the angle of the perspective ruler by fixing it, unfixing it, or making it horizontal. Do your best until you get the hang of it!




4. The direct drawing tool for shapes also snaps to the perspective ruler, so you can do things like this with just the rectangle tool. Now you know what the perspective ruler is for drawing, right?




5. Let's talk about the fisheye lens. If you check "Fisheye perspective" in the tool property of the perspective ruler, it will look like this. Fisheye perspective is already applied at this point. So what does this red circle mean?




6. Answer is as follows. You can understand the meaning of the red circle by snapping with the direct drawing tool of the shape. It may be easy to understand the image like "I trapped a perspective ruler in a crystal ball".



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