11. Background and Finish



[1] Background

Next, is the background. I went for “Is she standing on this mystical water...?” as the concept, and drew ripples at the base of the character.

① A new layer is created at the bottom of the [Layer] palette(above the paper layer), and ripples are roughed in with the [Pen] tool → [G-pen].

② Next, the colors are adjusted. The layer is set to [Lock Transparent Pixel], and a gradient with the colors used in the jewels is made. I painted with the [Airbrush] tool → [Soft].

③ Add volume to the ripples. A new layer is clipped above the previous layers, and random bleeding patterns are added with the black [Airbrush] tool → [Running color spray].

④ The layer’s Blending mode is set to [Linear burn], the colors are adjusted, and the ground is complete.

[2] Finishing

To touch up, highlights are added to the entire image.

① A new layer is made at the top of the [Layer] palette, and white flecks are added to the character with the [Droplet 2] tool.

② The layer’s blending mode is set to [Glow dodge].

③ The same effect is applied to the background. A new layer is created on top of the background layer, and is painted more colorfully with the same colors as the jewels.

④ Finally, make a layer with its blending mode set to [Glow dodge] at the top of the [Layer] palette, and add sparkles with the [Decoration] tool → [Effect] → [Sparkle C].

This concludes this series.



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