Coloring crisply with a solid layer




When coloring, have you ever thought that choosing a color every time is a hassle?

In such a case, let's paint a crisp color using a solid layer.

I think it's a useful function for those who draw the same character many times with WEBTOON.


We have also prepared a video, so if you understand Japanese, please watch it as well.

What is a solid layer?

A fill layer is a layer for filling with a single color. Suitable for solid painting.

By using a fill layer, you can change the color later or use a layer mask to adjust the fill area.


Quote: CLIP STUDIO PAINT Reference Guide

How convenient is it to use a solid layer?

I will start by explaining how to use it.

By the way, it will be a PRO / EX limited function.

How to use solid layer

Creating a solid layer is very easy.

Select New Layer>Fill from the Layer menu.


Then the [Color settings] dialog will be displayed.

Select the color you want to paint and click the OK button


Now you have a layer filled with the color you chose earlier!


Let's erase once and paint the desired area.

Also, if you create a solid layer with a selection,

A solid fill layer will be created with the selected area filled.

If you want to change the color of the solid layer,

If you click the layer icon, you can change it in the dialog that appears again.


Or if you click the color of the palette with the object tool selected, it will change to any color

Use any method you like.

Layer effects cannot be used on solid layers.

It means that you can't add borders.

Advantages of Solid Layer

Advantages of the solid layer,

It's that you don't have to choose a color once you create it.


This is a pre-made layer set for the skin.

Colors are set as shown.

When selecting the skin layer in the video,

Although the drawing color was black, it was painted with light orange.

Regardless of the current drawing color, the solid layer is

You can paint with the color set in the layer.


As mentioned above, a solid layer is a layer that has only one color.

No need to change colors.

You won't have to make the mistake of drawing on the wrong layer!


If you create a color set with a solid layer for characters you often draw,

It makes painting very easy.


If you have a coloring assistant,

If you give the material to the assistant saying "I want you to paint it according to this layer"

You can transfer colors easily and accurately.

After painting once, use the layer selection tool

Click or drag any layer to

You can select that layer and paint immediately.

This also saves time.

How to use it in monochrome works

The solid layer can also be used for monochrome works.

If you prepare a black solid layer and a white solid layer,

You can paint solid and white without changing the drawing color.

Only black on black layers and white on white layers

There is a sense of security that does not exist.

Demonstration of coloring

We have prepared a set of pre-configured solid fill layers.

Colors are registered for the skin, the whites of the eyes, the eyes, the mouth, the sailor uniform (white), the scarf, the collar, the brown hair, and all the other parts using solid layers.

If you prepare your own line drawing, you can paint without thinking about colors.


This "Layer set that girls in sailor clothes can easily paint" material is

Since it is distributed in CLIP STUDIO ASSETS,

Please download it and paint it.

This is a video of the painting process with double speed processing.

I was able to finish coloring in 14 minutes in real time.


Here is a summary of the advantages of solid fill layers.


・You don't have to choose a color after that once you set it.

・Time saving

・Reduces mistakes


That's all for this article.

I would appreciate it if you could help me.



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