Fake Linocut Tutorial


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make fake linocut. It’s great for first time using in your drawing tablet, since it will help you get to the feel of first time making strokes with the tablet pen. However, I won’t intruduse you to all the tools of CSP so it will be best to start this tutorial with expirient with the software.

First thing: create a new dock. I made mine 500X500, but it really doesn’t matter.

Step 2: create a circle in the middle of the canvas. If you’ll press shift while making the circle, you’ll get perfect shape. We’ll gonna destroy the circle anyway:)
(If you don’t know how to create circle- press the U character. You’ll get to shape menu, just choose the circle and draw)

Now lets cut some of the sides: we don’t want a perfect polygon, we wan’t unperfect polygon. Press M to get to the selection area, and mark the ereas you want to delete. the remove them.
Or: press E to get the eraser, then use it to cut some of the sides.
The end resoult should look like this:

Cool, now go to Edit-> Register material-> Image.

And remeber to mark ״use for brush tip” check box. I added the shape to folder of my college so it will be easier for me to remeber, and add tags and a name.

Now, let’s make our brush! Go to the pen window (P), select the G-pen, and by pressing on the little icon of the plus (the one next to trush), create a new brush that is based on the G- pen.

Awsome, now let’s create the brush: press on the little screwdriver at the property (under the brush)

Go to Brush tip. Change the Tip shape to “material” instead of circle. Then press on the dark grey erea to choose the material.
Search for the brush tip we’ve made, and add.
I’ve changed the flip horizontal + vertical to random.

You can now go to ink, and choose color mixing. You don’t have to, but it can help you if you want to use the brush in more colors.

If you’ll like to narrow the gap- go to “stroke” and play with the little circles next to “gap”. I left my gap, and chosed the first Repeat method. This tutorial is flexebale for your liking, that is why I reccomend you’ll try what you like best.

Congrats! This is your new carving brush! You can press save all settings as default, though CSP will save the changes of this brush (as long as you wouldn’t do reset).
New, create new illustration. I’ve made mine 20X20 cm, you can choose your own size. My default paper is grey, you can change you color by pressing on the paper and choose the color.

Now, use black brush to create line art. The more details you’ll add, the happier you’ll be with the result!

Create new white fill layer

Greate. Create a mask and delete. POOF! our layer is empty.
Now, at the same blank mask, start using the new carving brush to make white strokes on the empty space. It will take time, but I promise the end resualt is lovely.

Fianl result:



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