5. Drawing the main monster ③ Legs/Tail/Wings



The parts in this episode will be drawn roughly, with limited details.

By doing so, they are differentiated from the main points of interest such as the head and arm, creating more contrast.

For clarity’s sake, in this series I will explain how I draw each part separately. In reality, the entire image is drawn step by step, and as a result, several parts and layers other than the explained parts may be explained out of order.

[1] Drawing the legs

(1) I started from the left leg. The left thigh, which was designed to be a mixture of mechanical parts and skin, is textured.

To make the claw with the truck stand out, the right leg was drawn with low contrast.

[2] Drawing tails

(1) To make adjustments to the tail and wings easier, I decided to separate their layers from the main body.

They are named “wing” and “tail” respectively.

(2) As the tail is behind the body, its contrast is lowered as not to stand out too much.

[3] Drawing wings

(1) At first I wasn’t sure if the wings should be closer to machine or dragon, but I decided on the simpler dragon wings to enhance the dragon’s breath, as most of the wings would be hidden by the breath anyway.

(2) I added smooth shadows to make them look like the open wings of a bat.

(3) Details are added to the back connectors.

With this, the dragon is almost done.

The next lesson will cover how to draw the houses at the dragon’s feet.



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