Houndstooth check with a balloon




I created a houndstooth lattice with a balloon
I think it can be applied to other things as well.

Create a houndstooth lattice using the vector-like part of the balloon

Create polygonal line balloon for sub tool

First, create a polyline balloon

Add to balloon group
Click the "three lines" icon on the upper left of the sub tool palette
Select "Create custom sub tool" from the menu
The "Create Custom Sub Tool" dialog will appear.
I changed the name of the sub tool to "polyline balloon"
"Output processing" is as it is (creation of balloon)
"Input processing" changed to (Continuous curve)
"Tool icon" is easy to understand (polyline)
Decide on the background color of the icon as well

When you click "OK", the palette of "Sub tool details" is displayed without permission
Select "Balloon creation" from the category
Select the (Create fill) icon in "Line/Fill"
Select (Create a new layer) for "How to add"
Select "Continuous curve" in the category
"Curve" selects the (straight line) icon
Select "Antialiasing" in the category
"Antialiasing" chose the (middle) icon
Finally, select "Correction" in the category
Make sure "Snappable" is checked
Close the "Sub Tool Detail" palette

I think that "polyline balloon" is added at the bottom of the group of balloons in the sub tool palette
A sub tool to be used from now on has been created

Display a grid on a 1280px square canvas

Prepare a 1280 x 1280px canvas
show the grid
Display the "Grid Ruler Settings" dialog
Set "Gap" in "Grid Settings" to (128)
I wanted to create 10 columns of 128px, so I made it 1280px
Do "Snap to Grid"

Set the sub tool to "polyline balloon"
Set the drawing color to (black)
Draw only one houndstooth pattern using the 128 x 128px grid on the top left

Folded lines are snapped to the grid, so you can easily draw zigzag
When the lines are connected, they are filled with black.
No need to reapply

Balloons are the same as vector layers, 3D layers, etc., and should be drawn outside the canvas.
It is also possible to draw something that can not be shown to others using this

Duplicate the balloon layer in the layer palette and move it 128px horizontally
Duplicate it again and move it horizontally by 128px
Combine two balloon layers
Even if you combine them, the balloon layers will remain as they are because they are two balloon layers.
Repeatedly arranged 10 horizontally

Next, line up 10 columns vertically.

Trim the completed balloon layer to 1024 x 1024px
Select "Change Canvas Size" from the "Edit" menu
Set the "Width" and "Height" values to (1024) in the "Change canvas size" dialog that appears
Canvas size is 1024 x 1024px

Select "Convert Layer" from the "Layer" menu
In the "Convert Layer" dialog
"Name" to (Houndstooth check)
Change (Balloon layer) in "Type" to (Image material layer)

back to canvas
Set the sub tool to "object"
Check the bottom of the "Tool Properties" palette
Check "Tiling"
Select (Repeat) on the right icon
Select the (up, down, left, right) icon for "Tiling direction"
The "tiling direction" is


Houndstooth image material layer is created
You can create a small pattern, but I think it's easier to use if you create a slightly larger size.

The polygonal line balloon is only at the beginning
It was just copying and pasting
It's beaten ^^:

I think it's a good idea to leave the staggers unjoined.
Easier to process

I tried the layer color with two gray colors

16 colors arranged in order


I think you can do it without balloons
You don't have to worry about the thickness of the line because you can work just by painting the balloon.
It's a great advantage
However, the operation of CLIP STUDIO PAINT becomes heavy
The plover wasn't a complicated figure, so it wasn't that heavy.
It wasn't heavy, but there was a 1px, 2px shift in movement.
I don't know why, but it's annoying

please play



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