Super easy! Draw wings with chicken wings for sharing!




Hi I'm Bapu and I would like some thoughts on my own drawing of the wings
Simply put, the fastest way to learn how to draw wings is to find a winged character and fall hopelessly in love with him... I'm kidding

The above joke aside, first of all, I think the easiest way to draw wings is to imagine something we are very familiar with...chicken wings! (Or you can use the search function of your browser to find some delicious chicken wings photo)
Keywords can try chicken wings and the like

The picture in the middle is the wing I drew. Does the part of the blue feather look like a curved chicken wing?
On the left is a grilled chicken wing just out of the oven, while on the right is a silhouette of a grilled chicken wing

First we use the shape of the chicken wing as the base, look at the rightmost chicken wing, we can add feathers from the shoulder

After adding the top layer of feathers, you can draw the second layer of feathers, which will be longer than the first layer of feathers

Then add the third row of feathers in order, and adjust the shape and flow direction slightly

Finally, draw a few more strokes to suggest the shape of the feathers. Congratulations, you have successfully turned back the time and let the grilled chicken wings return to their beautiful appearance when they were still alive!

Then let's take a look at the effect of drawing a character with wings in the same way?

The above is the super simple sharing of drawing wings with chicken wings! Thank you for reading to the end, I hope this sharing can be helpful to you!



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