Hello Everyone This is Nightshade. And today I wanted to go over How to flowers on Clip Studio Paint.

We are going to be going over Cartoon flower gestures & directions. The Chrysanthemum flower, Rose, Bougainvillea, Lotus, Orchid, and May lily



Flower Directions

For a simple cartoon flower, simply draw a baseline where the ground should be then create two circles, connect the two circles with a line

The top circle will be the center of your flower where the petals will grow around :)

Create arrows in the direction you want your petals to be!

Doing this will simplify the shape process


Chrysanthemums generally symbolize longevity joy and optimism, Various colors symbolize other important meanings as well, and Yellow means Immortality and the sun!

Chrysanthemums can be intimidating but we’ll break it down to the stem

Draw two SLIGHTLY curved parallel lines as the stem

Add a squiggly leaf on the side for fun

Make some lines recline backwards, Trust the process the more layers you create the more it’ll look like a chrysanthemum

Without color it may look like a cabbage but like I said Trust the process

Choosing colors Yellow, Marigold, Burnt Orange, Orange, and Green add them to your palette

Use the Millie pen and watercolor

It should end up something like this!


Make a center circle

Add ruffles around the red center with black ink

Make squiggly lines from around the base till the flower looks round and lively

You can use a reference photo for the color of the rose.

I used light red near the center- and a darker color toward the tip.

Repeat the coloring process from earlier or use the instant colorizing tool in the top left corner.

I use a textured background for a more paper feel


Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees belonging to the four o’clock family. (They attract hummingbirds and good luck)

Bougainvillea needs full sun and can be grown by a window, in a conservatory, or in a heated greenhouse. I add them to my landscape illustrations to add character to my windows and balconies.

This tutorial is just to familiarize you with the basic characteristics of the flower and it’s use on buildings

Start with a rough draft of the flower

A leafy petal with pollen buds in the center

Add the stems and branches (I usually cover them with flowers)

By adding them randomly, their placement doesn’t change the integrity of the illustration

Using the rough draft of the flower as a reference you can copy that same flower and place it around the stems. Use the eraser tool to remove any mistakes or clean up your work

Use as many pinks and reds as possible, change the background opacity for a more textured effect, or use the watercolor tool so you don’t have to draw as many branches and leaves.


Nelumbo nucifera, also known as simply lotus, symbolizes purity and strength.

Usually the easiest to draw with a colored background, but that is optional.

Start with a circle as the center of the flower.

Make curved Lines gently stemming from the sides of the flowers center.

Add a background of your choice, I used a watercolor splash on top of a blue and light blue ombre backdrop.

Color the entire flower white with either the fill tool or the select tool.

Use the G-Pen tool and add the color yellow to the center.

By using the blend tool set to Fingertip, adds pink blended to the tip of the flower.


By far my favorite to draw is The Orchid, it symbolizes love, beauty, refinement, and charm.

For the Base petals:

Draw four circles like those seen above, and connect them with the lines like the letter H, then create a smaller version for the second petals on the inside of the flower.

Long stems: draw four or eight long straight lines.

Add a plant pot on the bottom and leaves for added visuals.

Use dark purples, magenta, gray, brown,marigold, green and, silver!!!

Remove extra color with the deselect tool.

Highlight with white and marigold.


May birth flower, Lily of the Valley, is a symbol of purity, humility, and sweetness. Its delicate white flowers are often associated with innocence and new beginnings, while its sweet fragrance is said to bring happiness, brightness, and joy!

Best for valley illustrations or picnics.

Draw a long stem and connect that with four or five lines that’ll connect to the flower.

Make the outline of the lilies with black ink, add a round bud with curling ends.

Using white, green, and pink I water-colored it and added the multiply effect for a more ombre look.

Use the selection tool to clean up the extra color.

Add a noise textured overlay for effect.

The End

Thank you for following along this tutorial!!! Comment if you LIKE this and would LIKE more tips!!!!!!





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