Boost your efficiency with color sets! -Using palettes and adding/removing-



By default, there are several pre-installed color sets. However, original color sets can be created too.

If you have an original color palette with frequently used colors, you can boost your efficiency!

[1] Creating a color set

By default, there are several pre-installed color sets. However, original color sets can be created too. When making a color set, either click the top left of the palette or click [Edit color set] to the side of the color set display.

Selecting [Edit color set] opens the color set editing dialog. Here, you can create, delete, or change the names and order of color sets.

① [Add new settings]……Create a new color set Select this when you want to create a color set from scratch.

② [Add default settings]……Create a color set with the same contents as CLIP STUDIO PAINT’s [Standard color set].

③ [Duplicate current settings]……Duplicate the currently selected color set on the left color set list.

④ [Delete]……Delete the selected color set.

⑤ [Change name of settings]……Change the name of the currently selected color set.

⑥ [Up][Bottom]……Move the currently selected color set up or down one level. It is convenient to move color sets that are frequently used to the top.

Color sets can be made from scratch, as well as from copies of existing color sets.

After making a new color set, register colors to the color set. Select the color you want to add to the set, and press [Add color].

You can also select the color you want from the picture with the eyedropper tool and add the color automatically. When [Auto-register color in eyedropper] is selected, colors selected with the eyedropper will be added to the color set.

【POINT】 Moving and duplicating color tiles

Color tiles can be moved by holding the [Ctrl] key and dragging a color tile. This is useful when changing the order of colors.

In addition, color tiles can be replaced with the current selected color by clicking a color tile while holding the [alt] key.

[2] Exporting and importing color sets

Created color sets can be exported and used on other machines or even distributed to friends and other users. Other than (.cls) that can be used in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, export formats include color swatches(.aco), which can be imported to Adobe(R)Photoshop(R).

*1.Exporting color sets

When exporting color sets, select the target color set, and select [Export color set] to export the color set to a specified location.

By selecting Photoshop swatch file when doing so, sets can be exported as swatches that can be imported to Photoshop.

*2.Importing color sets

When importing exported color sets, select the target color set from [Import color set]. When doing so, swatch files made in Photoshop can be imported as well as CLIP STUDIO PAINT color sets.

Additionally, color sets can be registered by dragging them directly to the color set palette.

When importing color sets downloaded from CLIP STUDIO, directly drag the set from the material palette to the color set palette.

【POINT】 Let’s use color set materials!

In CLIP STUDIO ASSETS, useful color set materials such as skin tone and hair color sets are available!

*肌色カラーセット[Skin tone color set]

*髪色カラーセット[Hair color set]

Check the color sets for CLIP STUDIO PAINT here.



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