How to draw stylized green eye in 5 steps for beginners




Hello! In this tutorial we will draw cute stylized green eye just in 5 steps using Clip Studio Paint.

1. Sketch

Draw a sketch of the eye.

2. Main colors

On the layer below, fill the lines with main colors.

3. Details

Add details, warm shadows around the eyelids, because after all, the skin is next to it. Add a light glow to the lashes, a bright glow in the eye.

4. Multiply shadow

Take the Soft Airbrush in Multiply mode and draw shadow like this:

5. Effects, highlights and blending

Take Blend Tool and improve the material of the eye. Use the Finger tip to blend and detail the iris. Create new layers to draw light effects. It’s perfect to use Add Glow and Color dodge modes of layers. Take the blue color and run the Soft Brush on top of the iris of the eye, then erase sharply like this light from the window, sky or something like that. Take orange color and also add some glowing effects. With white color draw bright glare spot. Also make interesting gradients on the eyelashes.

Nice, the eye is finished! I wish you inspiration and beautiful pictures.

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