Don’t know how to draw a background? Use clip studio paint to complete the illustration in 5 minutes without painting the background!


Comic Black Rainbow

Comic Black Rainbow

Hello! Little cute

I am Comic black rainbow

For those who like to draw characters

The biggest trouble is after drawing the characters

I don’t know what to add to the entire blank background to make the whole picture look good.

Some people don’t know how to draw backgrounds

Some people can draw backgrounds, but their drawings are not as good as the characters.

Some people want to draw the background, but it is time-consuming and may not match the characters.

In this situation

Many people may just leave it alone without drawing the background...


If you are also in this situation

Then today’s teaching is really the greatest gospel for you

Because if you really can’t draw the background, don’t like to draw the background, or are too lazy to draw the background

So why do you force yourself to draw the background?

Why can't we just stop painting and use other methods to enrich the picture and complete the painting?

In fact, you can! This problem can be solved!

And the method I’m going to use is to create a poster-style illustration! ! !

Maybe you will say: "But I can't design posters!!!"

It doesn't matter! We don’t need to know how to design posters

Today I will share with you some useful tips

Even if you can’t draw backgrounds or do design

You can also complete your poster-style illustrations easily and time-saving without drawing a background!

And today I will use Clip studio paint to demonstrate

So if you also use Clip studio paint to create

Let’s open the software and play around!

The production principle of poster style illustrations

If you pay attention to many poster designs around you, or movie posters, you will find that many poster designs do not actually pay attention to perspective. This is why I say that making poster-style illustrations can save you the pain of drawing the background! So what does poster design generally focus on? It’s actually typesetting!

What exactly is typesetting doing?

Generally speaking, when we talk about typesetting, we think that we are editing magazines and books, but we are also designing posters for paper products. We can also say that it is typesetting, but what exactly is typesetting? If it is a general book, we will arrange the text and supporting pictures; if it is a poster, we will arrange the title or text, and photos or illustrations. For poster-style illustrations, the only main types of layout that need to be done are character illustrations and text! So we can now open Clip studio paint for editing and typesetting!

Introduction to text tools in Clip studio paint

The text tools of Clip Studio Paint are very simple, and the functional area is as shown in the picture above. It is very easy to find and there are not too many complicated things, so it will be very convenient for you to edit text!

3 super simple layout techniques!

In fact, the field of poster design really requires in-depth study, and it has its own specialties. However, for those who just want to be relaxed, time-saving, and simply enrich the picture, unless you really consider specializing in this field, there is actually no need. Especially in-depth study of poster design. In addition, there are infinite forms of typography, and it is endless to learn. So in fact, as long as you learn a few skills and know how to draw inferences from one example, you will find the effects you can achieve. It can become infinite! So here we share with you three simple and quick poster layout techniques so that you can use them right away!

Add border: image and text + border

Adding a border is really a very versatile method. In addition, adding a little text in a relatively empty space next to the border will make the whole picture look more informative and rich! If you like lace, in addition to looking for related border materials in Clip studio assets, you can also design some patterns you like. But if you are an extremely lazy person, you can consider using a very simple style like the example. Use wind lines as borders, and you can even make some border templates directly. You can apply them directly to any pictures you draw in the future, which is very convenient!

Geometric typesetting: graphics + geometric blocks

The geometric blocks here are all in the form of relatively large color blocks, adding a rich feeling to the picture, so it is very suitable for illustrations that only draw simple characters and the background is empty! Simply putting a large color block may still be boring, so if you can add a large title to the color block or the blank space in the background, the picture will be much richer, and it will also look like a poster!

Geometric objects: pictures and text + geometric objects

This method may seem a little more complicated and difficult than the previous two methods, but I have to say that the overall poster effect is the best! The picture will also be much prettier! In fact, this technique is to frame the characters with geometric shapes, and then add some geometric shapes as embellishments in other blank spaces, and add titles, subtitles, and some decorative text. When arranging, you can appropriately tilt it in some places. , creating a little irregular appearance will also make people feel that the poster is a little lively!

After learning the poster-style illustration skills today,

Have you found

In fact, there are only these three tips

You can already create a lot of interesting and fun layouts?

If your character illustration still has a blank background

Or you feel that you are not satisfied with the background you are painting now

Or if you feel eager to try it after watching the tutorial

Now you can open your Clip studio paint

Place your character illustration inside

Try using Clip studio paint’s text tools and materials

Start making your poster-style illustrations easily and quickly!



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