February 2022

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Out of the Tips posted between Feb 1 - 28, 2022 the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes for the 34th round of Tips of the Month were How to draw water, Using screentones, and Animation for beginners. For How to draw water, we received many Tips showing how to draw water droplets and the surface of water. Using screentones gave us loads of great references for using dots in a wide range of styles, from manga to pop art! The Animation for beginners Tips were an excellent springboard for people who don't usually create animation. They showed how to create effective animations using keyframes to move only a part of an illustration, so you only have to draw a small number of drawings. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We're looking forward to seeing your entries!

Video Award

  1. The example illustrations with that Lo-Fi touch are so cute. The animation created in this guide only involves a few moving parts, so it’s definitely one for beginners to try out. The flickering light effect is achieved by changing the color of the light in the static image, which shows how you can keep adding to your animation even after you’ve finished drawing!
  2. This tutorial is an introduction to creating animation by a 2D animator. It shows how to create high-quality, fun animations, going through each step one by one. Check this out if you want a good guide on how to animate your OCs!

Gold Award

  1. From using brushes to layer blending modes, this Tips shows you all need to know to draw water droplets and ripples, complete with step-by-step instructions! Concentric circle rulers and the Liquify tool provide an even cleaner finish, so check this one out if you want to get that realistic look!

Silver Award

  1. Create an animation of a walking character just by laying down keyframes on the background and character layers of your canvas! With this guide, you don’t even need to draw that many frames individually, so if you’re trying out animation for the first time, this is the one for you. The examples used were also super helpful in understanding what each function did.
  2. This tutorial is a good basis as a first step towards creating a full-fledged animation. Inside, you’ll find detailed explanations about adding movement to your characters as part of a wider scene in an animated film. We liked how many examples there were and how easy they were to use as a reference.
  3. This Tips shows how to use Clip Studio Paint’s screentone functions to take your illustrations to the next level. Using simple techniques, it shows how to transform your usual illustrations into manga-style works or how to make them look like they’ve been printed. The examples are easy to understand and make it easy to try out the techniques!
  4. Master keyframe effects to make a stunning animation! This tutorial shows you how to divide up your illustration into parts and animate them using keyframes. The keyframe effects in the video and animated gifs are well explained and easy to put to use!
  5. This tutorial focuses on the fine details of water, especially how to draw droplets and reflections. There are many examples and use cases explained in the article, and you can tell that the author has spent much time thinking about how to draw water.
  6. This guide introduces techniques for drawing water in landscape scenes. It considers several variables, including contrast, depth, distortion, reflection, and flow. My eye was instantly drawn to how dynamically the water was created! The video is also a good watch!
  7. In addition to explaining ways to apply basic screentones effectively, this guide shows you how to create a 3D effect using patterned tones and how to use them to achieve a snowy effect. If you’re having trouble using screentones, take a look at this guide and find out a technique that works for you.
  8. If you are looking to try to create a pop art style illustration like the examples in this guide, we highly recommend checking this Tips out! Inside, you’ll find loads of unique tips and tricks to create illustrations using screentones and colors that just “pop.”

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