August 2022

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Out of the Tips posted between August 1 to 31, 2022, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

This time, we got your guides on how to draw the weather, beginner tips for using drawing figures, and sports animations. The weather section was packed full of knowledge on how to draw many different types weather situations. Beginners will be glad to see how to move various parts of the 3D drawing figures and how to adjust camera angles. Finally, in the Sports animation section, we got the downlow on how to create animations for specific sports like soccer and boxing. We are now accepting submissions for September's themes and looking forward to your posts!

Video Award

  1. This video shows you how to make use of brushes available on the ASSETS store to draw all sorts of weather conditions. There are a ton of good tips for beginners struggling with drawing backgrounds on how to color snow, render droplets of rain, and how to stack piles of snow, to give it a realistic feeling. The explanations of the relationship between the weather and characters’ emotional states was also really interesting.

Gold Award

  1. We recommend this Tip for anyone who wants to create distinctive illustrations that blend dramatic backgrounds with characters. Get some practical know-how and techniques, using Clip Studio Paint features, to process and filter characters in a number of different weather conditions in this easy-to-read article!

Silver Award

  1. This guide shows you step-by-step in animated gifs what to click and where to drag, so you’ll find 3D drawing figures easy to use, even if you’ve never used them before. Be sure to check this one out!
  2. Using a 3D material of a soccer ball to create a rotating ball animation was a genius way to make use of Clip Studio Paint’s features! The explanations, that are full of videos and animated gifs to help you grasp each point, were really well done.
  3. Sun, rain, clouds, snow... Learn how to draw them all in scenes that reflect your characters’ emotions with this handy guide! Just by reading it, you’re guaranteed to improve your illustrations because it goes in-depth into the relationship between the lighting and color of the sky. With that, you can choose brushes and functions to use on your characters to make them look like they’re really there.
  4. This Tip introduces practical techniques for effectively and beautifully expressing weather, using Clip Studio Paint’s brushes and 3D Primitives to create stunning backgrounds. The embedded gifs really helped us grasp the concepts.
  5. In this guide, you’ll compare how different weather techniques look on the same character and background base. By changing the colors in a sunny picture with a color correction layer, or by adding brush strokes to the painting you can create cloudy, rainy and even snowy vistas. The example images are all really well done, too, so be sure to check it out!
  6. Thinking about how light affects the weather, this guide shows you how to depict sunny, cloudy, smoky and foggy scenes. All is explained using black-and-white images, so you can clearly see where the light is applied. If you haven’t been paying too much attention to lighting in your work so far, now is the time to learn the basics!

Bronze Award

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