8. Painting (3): Clothes and Decorations



[1] Shading

After the patterns, I add shadows.

I make a layer at the top of the part I want to paint(above the pattern layer) and clip it to the layer below and set the Blending mode to [Multiply].

I usually add shadows like this for clothes with patterns.

I finished shading.

[2] Adding more patterns

I'll add patterns to the cherries.

After making a layer above the cherry’s color layer(red), I set its blending mode to [Overlay] and clip it to the layer below.

I added patterns from [Decoration] →[Vegetation] →[Foliage].

[3] Highlights

I added highlights to the cherries.

Selecting the “Red” layer with the cherries’ colors, I added highlights with the [Pencil] tool and [Blend] tools’ [Blur].

For other highlights such as the knots, I added them on a new layer set to blending mode [Screen].

I did the same for the other details using [Multiply] shadows and [Screen] highlights.

The characters are now done.

The layers currently look like this.



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