9. Background



Next is the background.

I lowered the background color’s opacity so I could see the rough sketch below.

I used the [Figure] tool → [Direct draw] → [Straight line] to draw the building.

Trees were added using →[Decoration] →[Vegetation] →[Trees].

After making a layer set to [overlay] above the leaf layer, I added the same clothes patterns.

Minding the composition, I shaded the hair and leaves with the [Pencil].

This piece has objects in a line running from the bottom left to the top right. I make sure to keep this balance.

As my style tends to be flat, I make sure to maintain contrast between the dense and blank spaces to guide the eye.

I made the background a bit paler.

I also added clouds with the pencil tools’ [Lighter pencil]

I added lines with the [Decoration] tool →[Ruled line] →[Dashed line].

The background is done.

The layers currently look like this.



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