4. Line Art



[1] Preparing layers

I prepare layers to draw line work easily.

1. I select the new draft layer, and merge it with the rough draft under it by right-clicking and choosing [Merge with layer below].

I make a layer folder named “Rough” and put the merged “Rough” layer inside.

I also make a “white background” layer under the “Rough” layer, and fill it with white using the [Fill] tool .

2. I lower the “Rough” layer’s transparency to make drawing easier. Above the “Line art” folder, I make a new folder called “Details”.

[2] Line art

I use the [G-pen] for line art.

As I leave the outlines in my finished drawings, I keep redrawing sections until I’m happy with the results. Line drawing is basically repeating these steps.

Each separate part is drawn on a separate layer.

I usually start from the faces.

When drawing, I check the line art’s balance by hiding the rough sketch and flipping the canvas horizontally.

For longer lines, I rotate the canvas so that I can draw lines vertically with strength to swing down.

For detailed parts, I sometimes draw the outline and add details with a thinner pen later.

[3] Painting hair

I wanted to make the hair black, so I inked it in at this point. I use a “Reference layer” when filling.

1. I draw the outline with the [G-pen].

2. I select the “Line art” folder and then [Set as Reference Layer] to set the entire folder as a reference layer.

3. I select the “Hair” layer to add black.

4. Using [Auto select] →[Selection for referred layers], I select the sections I want to paint, and then fill them using “Fill” in the selection launcher.

For details on reference layers, refer to the TIPS below.

I then add some more strands of hair using the [G pen] and [Darker pencil] with starting and ending effects.

I paint the other black parts of the main character, rabbits, and plants in the same way.

[4] Using the figure tool

For the straight sections, I used the [Figure] →[Direct draw] →[Straight line].

For the circular sections, I used [Figure] →[Direct draw] →[Ellipse].

I did not draw the items that didn’t quite fit such as the necklace.

On the contrary, I made a few additions that were not in the rough.

Now the line art is finished.

The “Coloring” layer looks like this now. Layers are divided into characters and background objects.



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