Use 3D drawing figures to draw challenging poses!




Included in Clip Studio Paint's materials are 3D drawing figures that aid in drawing difficult poses or in working out angles when drawing people.


Design your figures to have realistic body shapes or manga/comic like body shapes (female and male options included).


3D drawing figures have a wide range or use: you can draw while watching, trace and study line art, or insert them into storyboards or drafts and just start inking.

Clip Studio Paint's drawing figure can have its height, head to body ratio and body shape adjusted to be used as a character reference.


While it may feel difficult to manipulate at first, please try it as a posing material and challenge yourself to draw various poses and angles.


How to download             

① 3D drawing figures are included as a material in [Material] palette → [3D] → [Body shape]. Drag and drop it onto the canvas from the [Material] palette to use it.


② You can adjust its body shape, height, and head to body ratio through the [Tool Property] palette and the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.

Also, you can fine-tune each part of the body, such as the shoulder and each of the limbs.


③ You can freely change the 3D drawing figure's pose on the canvas by using the manipulator subtool.





For details on how to use the 3D drawing figure, please refer to this article.



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