Instantly create a background from a photo or 3D material via LT conversion 【EX】





Clip Studio Paint's [LT conversion of layer] function converts images such as 3D models and pictures into lines and tone.

*The [LT conversion of layer] function can be only used in EX.


It is a function that is very useful in time-consuming background line art of the manga production.


How to download             

① Select the layer you wish to convert on the [Layer] palette and then select [Layer] menu -> [LT Conversion of Layer], or click [Extract Line] -> [Execution of LT conversion of layer] from the [Layer Properties] palette.


In the displayed dialog, you can finely adjust [Threshold of fill in black], [Extract line], and tone density.


■ Example of [LT conversion of layer] execution from 3D


■ Example of [LT conversion of layer] execution from a photo


For details on how to operate [LT conversion of layer], please refer to this article.


Please take a look at this article regarding how to use 3D materials.



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