4. Text Insertion




[1] Inputting text

(1) Select the [Text] tool from the [Tool] palette.


(2) Click on where you want to insert text. The text cursor will display and you can input your text.


(3) Using your keyboard, type out the text.


(4) When you are finished, click [OK] on the [Text launcher].


(5) A text layer will be added to the frame border folder.


(6) Insert text to the other frames the same way. With this text input is finished.


[2] Adjusting the speech balloons

You can draw speech balloons by hand or you can use one of the many that Clip Studio Paint has prepared for you. For this tutorial, we’ll be selecting one from the balloon materials.


(1) Open the [Balloon] Folder from [Manga Material] in the [Material] palette.


(2) From the displayed balloons, pick “Default_01” then, drag and drop it on top of the text you created.


(3) The speech balloon will be created according to the text’s size. The text layer in the [Layer] palette will be changed into a balloon layer.


(4) Using the [Object] tool you can change the size of speech balloons by dragging the green handles surrounding it. You can also use the [Object] tool to change the position of the speech balloons.


(5) Next, we’ll add a tail to the speech balloon. Select the [Balloon] tool from the [Tool] palette then, select the [Balloon tail] from the [Sub Tool] palette.


(6) Clicking on the inside of the speech balloon, and then dragging and dropping outward towards the character, will attach a tail to the speech balloon in that direction.


Add speech balloons to the other frames in the same way.

Speech balloons have now been added to all of the lines!


With this, the manga is finished. Next I’ll explain how to export and print your comic.



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