5. Export and Print




We will explain how to export and print completed manga.


[1] Save your work

If you save your work in the Clip Studio File Format, all of your layer information will be saved as is.


(1) Open the [File] menu and select [Save].


(2) Select Save to, create a [File name], and click [Save].


(3) The work will be saved in the Clip Studio file format or (.clip).


[2] Export your work


Prepare your completed manga for print by exporting it as a Photoshop document file or (.psd).

A Photoshop document (. psd) file can be opened with image editing software other than Clip Studio Paint. This makes file transfer with others easy.


(1) Select [Export (Single Layer)] from the [File] menu and then, choose the export file format.

This time we’ll select the Photoshop Document (.psd) file format.


(2) Name your artwork and choose a save location, then select [Save].


(3) The [.psd Export Settings] dialog box will be displayed. If you are happy with the default settings, select [OK].


(4) When the [Export preview] dialog box displays, click [OK].


(5) It will be exported as a Photoshop Document (.psd) file. This file can be printed.


[3] Print your work


When the computer is connected to the printer, you can print completed manga with the Clip Studio Paint print function.


(1) Open the [File] menu and select [Print].


(2) When connected to the printer, the [Print] dialog box will be displayed. Press [OK] to start printing.

Note: Print settings vary depending on the printer make and model.



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