How to add effects to texts to make covers


Hi my name is Gaudeamus and I am 6 years old using clip and this time I wanted to show you a tutorial to add effects to our texts in a quick and easy way so that our work is much more professional.

Step 1: Editing our workspace

The first thing is to open the image to which we want to add the text and this time I will use an image of my story entitled "the things we did not say these years" and as originally I made it bigger I will adjust the size of the canvas to look better both our image and our text.

Step 2: Creating our header

Now I will add the logo of my study made previously either by importing as an image or by copying from another work canvas.

As the text looks flat we will highlight it creating a shadow by selecting the logo layer by pressing the CTRL key and clicking on the logo layer and then create a new layer and fill it with a dark color with the command ALT + DELETE

Then we will rename the layer as "shadow" and place it under the layer of our logo and move it down to create the shadow effect.

To change the color and saturation we will use the CTRL + U command to adjust the shadow or if we use a black color we will lower the opacity to the shadow layer.

Finally we will use the Gaussian blur filter to finish and add the effect to the shadow, in this case I use a value of 10 in the blur area although I I have tried with a value of 15 and it has given me an acceptable effect for the shadow.

Step 3: Adding a text

As we finish with our header we will add a text to get attention.

To make my text more visible and not lost with the background we will go to the layer properties and add the border effect and add the black color with a thickness of 2.0 to highlight my text.

To highlight even more my text we are going to rasterize our text layer, this will preserve the edge effect properties and we can make another border with a different color and this time I will use the white color with a thickness of 6.0

Step 4: Adding a title and changing the font

Now I will add the title so that people know what my story is called.

To make this text look much more, I am going to change the font that I currently use, and for that I will open the text tool sub-window and search inside the sources that I have installed.

To find a source easier I click on "show text in specific font" and select one that I like.

As the font I select is semi-transparent I will create a new rasterized layer below my text layer and use the selection rectangle to fill in white.

Finally I will add an unfocused shadow as I did with the header but this time I will create a copy of my text and lower the luminosity to zero so that my text layer will go completely black and I will lower the opacity of the layer to 40 percent and give it a value of 15 Gaussian blur.

Step 5: Footer

Now I will add the watermark of my brother and mine since it is a joint work.

To highlight this time I will apply the effect of border thickness with a value of 2 and with white color.

Step 6: Final detail

To finish I will create a new text announcing that it is soon to be published and this time I will use the Forte font.

Next I will rasterize the text layer to be able to transform it with the shortcut CTRL + T.

Now using the layer properties I will apply a value of 9 white border thickness.

Now I will duplicate the layer and in the layer that is below and I will change the color of the thickness of the white color by black and I will put a value of 16 to the thickness to highlight my text even more.

And finally it was finished !!

Any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me, is the first tutorial I do so I hope to do better in the future.


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