Simple Oil Painting Tutorial


Hi everyone, Nice to meet you.
My name is Awan, and I am from Indonesia.
Well, I make this tutorial for everybody who loves oil painting technique.
I try to make it so simple so you can follow my steps easily.
I just make it so detail, so you can learn fast.
It's perfect for beginners.

Here we go.
(1) Making Object Pose
to make a better and accurate sketch, don't forget to make a pose before. make it your first layer. In this tutorial I named it *proportion.

(2) Make the sketch.
after you get your best pose. make the whole sketch of the object. In this tutorial, I make the sketch with the pen tool - [G-Pen]. I made it in the second layer, above the first one. I named the layer *global sketch.

(3) Global Color
color your sketch with the pallet you love. you can make your own pallet colors or you can take mine. In this section, I coloring the whole part with [G-Pen}. after that, I use Airbrush - [soft] for the shadow part. make it be your 3rd layer. and put it under your *global sketch layer. Now, the *proportion layer doesn't need anymore.

(4) Blend Everything
well it's the most lovely time in creating. I love to blend everything here.
combine the *global sketch layer with *global color layer into one layer.
I use the watercolor brush for blending [dense and smooth watercolor].

(5)Blending the Face
Before I am going detail everything I focusing on the face part cause the face is the center of interest. I want everybody more focusing on the face, so I take more attention for that. I use smooth watercolor for blending and make it look smooth.

(6)Tonal Correction
the basic color sometimes doesn't meet your color criteria. so you have to go to tonal correction to change that problem.

(7) change the color
change the color into what you want. setting everything. you can copy my setting if you like it.
In this part, I also make the face more detailed. still, I used dense and smooth watercolor for that.

(8)Oil Painting Texture
I made the background for the almost final result. I put the background layer under the main layer. for oil painting texturing, I used default oil painting brush by Clip studio, the booth brushes has different functions, so your artistic feel need to play here.

(9)Final Touch
still, I used an oil painting brush for finishing. you just have to make it bright in the final touch. Don't forget to add your watermark to your artwork. I hope it's helping much and Happy trying. ^.^

(Finish Artwork)
Let's be a friend.
found me on my IG: @awanndus ^.^


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