Hi, I am Awan.
Today I am gonna show you how to create a monster by combining some stuff into one creature. Today I make a humanoid monster by combining HUMAN + SQUID + TENTACLES + DUCK LEGS + BEE STRINGER. To make interesting monster I put the overplus and the lack of the monster. It'll show the monster has to power both the weakness.

If some of you doesn't know what Humanoid is, you better read this article below.

What is Humanoid?

You can read the article from other sites, Humanoid monster need Human and another cloning stuff to create a new monster. you can write your monster story if you want to. be free!!! ^.^

if everything ready, make sure you make new workspace to start creating your artwork. Let's go!!!



Let's start with the pose. the pose will make your object gesture looks better. In the picture above I show you 2 colors of line. the redline is the pose helper. it's the basis of what I am going to make with the pose. The black line is the overall pose that I plan to use to make a monster. In this step, you can plan moreover how your monster will look like. what the humanoid cloning with, etc. play your imagination.

I use (Pencils Rough) to making the pose.


Make sure to make a new layer before starting your sketch. It'll help you modified the sketch later. In sketching part I also use (Rough Pencil) to get pencil workflow. In this step I complete everything, I draw the squid head of course with the scary looking. I also make the monster hands full of tentacles. There's a hidden weapon of the monster, it's located on his hands. the bee stringer to injecting monster poison. I also use Duck legs to swim faster in the water. So yeah, I decided to make water habitat monster for now.

you can turn on/off your 'pose layer' to get easy making sketch. Also, turn off the 'pose layer' after you finish making the sketch.


make new layer again and put the layer under the 'sketch layer'. rename it into 'COLORS layer', it'll make your work being easy. follow the color base of the monster and block just like in the picture above. for this humanoid monster, I chose the red color as the base of the monster body. I also use (Mapping Pen too) to making the base color.


For the Shading step, you can make a new layer to work with, or you can just use the 'COLOR layer' you made before. I prefer to use the 'COLOR layer' because I am not to much love to work with so many layers. I use (Airbrush Tools) to make shading part of the monster object. In this part, you can decide the light and the dark part of the monster. If you finish the work, let's jump to the next steps.

In this part, I combine the 'Sketch layer' and 'COLORS layer' together. I love to work with this kind of workflow because it's easy blending the color without making the new shape of the monster. Now you have your monster ready to blend. Yeah, total we have 2 layers now.


There is a blending tool in the Clip Studio Paint toolbox, but I prefer myself to use (watercolor-dense) to blend the object. As you can see in the picture above, Dense Watercolor giving nice blending overall. In this step, I blend everything to make the monster being more realistic. I use more colors to get richer result.

The picture above is the preview after the blending step finished. be patient, I detailing yet. lol


Make a new layer for this step. I name it 'Overlay layer' and put it on the top of the layers structures. I use the peach color and change the color mode into OVERLAY MODE. I use the (Airbrush-soft/hard) to making the effect above.


Now back to your 'COLORS layer' again and play detail in the layer. For detailing, I also use (watercolor-dense) with smaller brush shape to reach the detail. I use a dark and light color to get the detail that I want. after the detail part is done, now your work ready to be finished.


for the finishing step, I add 2 new layers: 'TEXTURE layer' and 'FINISHING LIGHT layer'. the texture layer contains the texture that I made with the (Airbrush-Running Color Spray). I use dark color toke texture of the monster skin. I put the monster texture around his body. so my monster now has a scarer look. If you want to get a tidy result, make sure you select the area that you want to texturize.
Well, I change the texture color mode into VIVID LIGHT, It gives lighter and mixed color with the other layers.

The Second Layer 'FINISHING LIGHT layer' contains the final light to make my monster looks wet. I also change the color mode into a SOFT LIGHT color mode to blend the light with another layer.


Make a new layer for the background to show up your artwork. and your humanoid monster ready to serve. your it's your turn to make more interesting monsters. There are unlimited sources you can use for monster materials.
Don't be hesitate to tag me in your humanoid monster creation.

I hope this tutorial helps you much making your humanoid monster. Let's befriend on my Instagram: @awanndus. See Yaa ^.^


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