Original tone creation using tiling of image material layer


Create an original tone with randomly arranged motifs using the tiling function of the image material layer.

1 Draw the necessary motifs on the canvas of any size, and register the material for each motif.

We will arrange the motif while seeing the balance on another canvas (100 x 100 mm here).

Organize the arranged motifs into a folder and copy the folder → integrate. It is better to hide the original folder as it may need some minor corrections.

4Integrate the layer, from the selection area → the whole, and make the layer conversion → image material layer. With the layer selected in the object tool, check Tiling from the tool properties.

Move the tiled image material layer with the object tool to see it.

6. Look at the situation, and place motifs → copy and integrate into the place where gaps are visible, tiling the image material layer, tiling, move and watch the situation, and make a well-balanced pattern.

↑ Finished.


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