Japanese pattern that can be drawn freehand




It is a hint of how to put a little Japanese pattern which can be applied in analog or digital.

Simply place vertical lines in stripes, and if you stack stripes vertically and horizontally you start with a grid (check).

Conscious of the intersections of the grid, when you can strike points in order, depending on how it is tied, weight connection and seven treasures connection.

It takes a little practice compared to 90 degrees (right angle) or 45 degrees, but when it becomes possible to draw grids that intersect at approximately 60 degrees, the patterns that can be drawn increase.

If it is difficult, please put it near the triangle ruler and try it while calculating roughly.

An application of the same thing, but with arrow feathers and blue sea waves.

In addition, if it is round and round, it will line up and become a flower, but the development from the common five-petaled flower.

There are various application methods, such as scattering on the above-mentioned ground pattern, drawing large and filling the inside of the outline with a pattern, etc.

The picture material used this time is ↑

It is a small skill to put Japanese pattern crisply by hand drawing, but of course it can be applied to digital drawing.

While putting the grid along the surface of the cloth, putting it in a pattern is more beautiful than putting on a solid tone, so I think it would be useful to increase the Japanese pattern stock that can be drawn somehow.



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