Use 3D model in 2D character Concept Art




This tutorial will be showing how I used a 3D model to help create a concept art for my original character Chroma''.

So now I open up Clip Studio Paint Debut version (free).

Above is a sketch of my character that I will be using in this tutorial.


We now need to get the 3d model.

Go over to right and click 'materials'.

Then click 'search for materials'.

Then clip studio will open up showing you lots of 3d objects available.

Note that some are free while some you have to buy with GOLD (clip studio currency).

Type what you want to search for in bar shown above.

Then click download.

Then go back to clip studio paint and you'll notice that the model is now in material.

Now click on the model and drag the image onto the canvas.

Then the model will appear on the canvas with it's own layer in the layers docker.

If you want to edit the model just go back to the layer it is on.

But the model appears to be a male even though I downloaded a male. To change this you simply go to 'file' then 'preferences' then to '3d' then choose female.

You will then have to restart the program.

below you'll see that the model is now a female.

Now I just need to put the model in the pose I want.



There are some icons above the model that allow you additional functions to the model. But I will only be using the first three icons.

When you click the first icon, you can rotate the model with it remaining in the same spot.

The second icon allows you to move the object in 3d space. Therefore it will change positions on the canvas.

The third icon allows you to scale the object to different sizes.

Also, you are going to want to move parts of the model to get the pose you want.


To move a particular part of the model, you hover your cursor over the area until the desired area is highlighted in blue.

Then you right click on the the area.

A couple of colored curves will appear. Each represents a particular direction.

To move the selected part you move cursor over the curve that represents the direction you want to move in. You will know you have selected the right curve by it changing color.

You then right click on the curve and slide along it in the direction you want.



As shown above, make sure the part you want to move is highlighted in blue.

The click it and some curves will appear as seen below.

Then put cursor over the curve that represents the direction you want.

It will change color.

Then click on it and move along the line in the direction you want.

See how the arm moved down as shown above.

Then play around untill you get the pose you want.

Then, my favorite part about using 3d models and my personal technique, I turn the 3d model into my character.

Since everything is already grey I just use this as the grey-scale version of my character.

So to color this I just use an 'overlay layer'.

As shown above, I open a new layer above my grey-scale image layer. Then I set the blending mode to 'overlay'. It is that simple.

When I paint on this layer using a color this color will change it's saturation depending on the level of grey beneath it on the layer below it.

So now I just paint in the colors I want.

Done. My character concept art is finish.

This is it with a background.

You can apply these tips to do your concept art in clip studio paint debut using the 3d models.

I hope this was really helpful to someone.



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