How to put an overlay that gives a three-dimensional effect easily


Nice to meet you, it is star 01. This time, I would like to write a way to easily improve the quality of illustrations by devising an illustration.
Since this is my first post, there may be some strange things, but thank you!

① Prepare a picture
First, draw the original illustration.

② Prepare a layer to use the effect
With the background image transparent, click the [Layer] menu → [Combine copy of display layer].

Locks the transparent pixels of the layer created by Combine Copy of Display Layer.

After locking, you can change the color as it is without changing the layer mode.

There are various patterns, but this time we will use blue as the shade and red and yellow as the light.
Since I want to add depth, I first paint the bucket with the shaded blue. You can increase the saturation at this time, but in this example we will use dull blue.

After painting, add the light red.
Saturation is also low here, and this time I will apply color to the same layer with an airbrush [soft].

Finally, add yellow.
I put the light in red earlier, but I think yellow is the highlight.
I will also put it in a slightly dull color. By doing this, you can add a more natural effect.

Once this is done, change the layer composition mode to [Overlay].

This is completed.

After that, please play with the color and opacity to your liking.

This is the end of the explanation. I think there were some points that were difficult to understand, but I hope it helps.


If you do it with your whole body, you may want to roughly consider the place where the light hits (head, chest, thighs this time) and add the color.


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