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Brief presentation

Well my name is Davis and I hope to contribute a bit of my knowledge of Clipstudio tools to color our comics.

I generally use three things: The fill tool and its sub-tools, the Lasso Fill tool, and the Quick Mask.

First we will begin to use these tools to paint the base colors and then color the shadows and finally the areas with light.

And well, the final coloring result would be the following. I hope you like the tutorial.

Fill Tool and Sub-tools

The Fill Sub-tools are great for filling completely closed strokes very quickly. And in case of filling open lines, try the "Close interval" tool property so that it automatically closes it.

Although the best decision is to create a layer within the ink folder and close the strokes to help the software identify the boundaries to fill.

Lasso Fill Tool

The Fill tool with lasso is very simple since we simply define a selection area and when we close it it auto-fills the selected color and thus we save ourselves from using the selection and then filling it.

Quick Mask

If you want to have a little more control of the area that you want to fill with color you can use the "Quick Mask" which creates a temporary red layer so that we can freely paint the areas that we want to fill and once we deactivate it it will create an area selection which we can fill easily.

Well now yes, let's start coloring.

1. Draw the blue help lines.

To help the software to better identify the limits to fill, we are going to create a new layer inside the ink folder where we will draw the limits of the areas with a blue color.

2. Define the color palette.

The next thing is to define the color palette for your character. You can have it on a separate layer or in the "Color set" window.

3. Coloring the base colors.

First we fill the entire character with the most abundant color and then start the other colors on top in other layers. This serves so that we do not leave small empty spaces when we paint.

4. Color the shadow and light areas

Once we have painted the base colors with the Clipstudio tools, we proceed to create layers on top of each one of them and we click on "Adjust to lower layer" so that it only paints within the area of the base colors.

And finally I added some details in the background with the "Decoration" tool and made another coloring of the character.

Well I hope you like the tutorial. Any questions in the comments.


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