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A. Introducing

Hi guys! It’ve a while since my last tutorial was uploaded, and I miss everyone so much. In this time I have received so many DM on instagram that you guy found me after reading my tutorial. I am so honored to hear it from you guys.


So, about the art of the chibis - the cutie version of your character, I think it is the funny thing to do. How can you make your character looks like a cutie bean but people still can realize about their characteristics.


In this tutorials, I will show you some basics tips to create a chibi, and also show you how to sketch various poses with the Chibi ratio: 1.75 - 2 - 2.5 - 3 heads. I also have a video sketching various poses in this tutorials, and a full time-lapse video of creating a chibi below.


So let’s get started.



B. The Body Proportion

I present to you my most body type to draw a chibi:


2 heads, 2.5 heads, 3 heads, and 1.75 head.


Of course, each of them is suitable for a different kind of uses.

For this cutie one, the 1.75 head, it usually can be seen as a emoji / emotion chibi pack.

Because the emoji is focus to the facial expressions and the body is just the complement part. The body language can be seen as added part.

Another reason. This body type is really quick to draw and suitable for a pack which you have to draw several chibis in the same time.

The 2 - 2.5 heads chibi is typically the most ratio can be used to draw. Because it’s cute. It looks like a baby but also has a complete body that can be put on the costume.

In case you are drawing 2 chibi together, and one of them is taller than the other, you can draw them in the 2.5 heads, while the other just 2 heads.


It also can be used to 2 characters with different age, body type, etc.

The 3 heads chibi can be drawn when you have a complex design of details, and you want people to focus to their costumes or poses.


3 heads ratio can also be used to draw a 4-5 years old children.

C. Facial Features

To help people recognize your character, you can focus to draw your chibi’s face. The characteristic, the emotions that shows up on the face can help you to make your chibi looks different from the others.


So let talk about the structure first.

As you can see, I have 2 heads here, one is the normal proportions. And the other is in Chibi style.


Like you drawing a mature and a child’s head, you can see the length of the head is different.


The chibi’s face is rounder, shorter and chubbier to the normal one.

One thing that makes the chibi looks adorable is the big big big eyes.


I like to add details on their big eyes to catch your sight. But don’t overdo it. Just keep the eyes length is about 1/4 the head length if you like my style.

To make people recognize the characters you are drawing, let’s simplify from the normal design. It’s not strange when people said the eyes is the window of your soul, so you can base on it.

Try to figure out the basic shape of the characters’ eyes and draw it bigger, in the simplest way.

Remember to keep the main characteristics like the direction of the eyes, the partern in the iris, etc.

D. Process

Thank to some of my friends, I have some randomly characters to make a chibi form from this. All the artwork belongs to my friends and they allowed me to draw their characters into chibi form:

For this character, he has a simple costume design but has a spotlight in his head. So I choose the ratio of 1.75 head to draw him. To focus on the head and simplify the body.

- - -

This one has a complicated costume design but its just a portrait pose so I decide to use half of the body to draw it in the chibi form. But to keep the vibe of this design, I added a vintage style photo border to it.

- - -

This one is belongs to my favorite artist friend. She is a mature woman, added to it, she have a beautiful costume design so I decided to draw her in the 3 heads ratio.

- - - 

Also, for different characters, you can try different poses, angles, etc. to have a better result for character description.

E. Full process of creating a chibi art

I have some process video that made into quick gif for you, hope you enjoy it.

F. Sketch with me: some pose for Chibies~

I have recorded a time-lapse when I practice sketching some poses for chibis, check it out if you are interested ~

G. Conclusion & Thanh you

Hi, thank you for your patience for another tutorial of mine. I hope I have expression my opinion clearly and easy to understand!


Hope my tips work for you ! And if it does, please give me a heart !!!


You can also follow me on @tokyolondon (IG, dA, weibo) or visit my FB Page @TokyoLondon.Artwork


Thank youuuu <3



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