3D Materials in Clip Studio PAINT


Hello! Today we will learn to use 3D Materials in Clip Studio PAINT, which are a fundamental support for drawing.

We will learn to use the 3D models of the human body using the poses for a vignette from my Penalty manga, which you can find on Webtoon and we will use a 3D background for a 2D Animation that I am doing, called Biken - The New Dawn.

I develop both projects entirely in Clip Studio Paint, Manga and Animation. All in the same software.

In this TIP we will do the following:

We will use the 3D models of the human body and taking it as a reference, we will be able to draw a pose.

And we will use a 3D Background for this Animation scene:

It will be a simple video and straight to the point, I want to start making my content that way.

Therefore, I invite you to see the following tutorial called:

Video: 3D Materials in Clip Studio PAINT


What do you think about the video?

The video was brief but I showed you step by step all the details so that you can also apply what I showed in the tutorial.

Although the video is in Spanish, you can activate the subtitles in your language, you will surely find it.

And if you can't find it, tell me in which language you want to see it and I'll gladly add it.

Now, let's go with a summary of the video:

We started with the 3D Body type Materials, we imported a male body since we have the first sketch from my Manga page as a guide to what we will do.

Once the 3D model is imported, we can modify it to make it similar to the sketch drawing on the page.

Then we go to 3D - Pose and choose one similar to the one in the sketch, regardless of whether it is a male or female pose, since we can configure it as we want.

And we can with the object tool move its extremities and adapt it as similar to the initial sketch.

Then, with one of my favorite Clip Studio tools, the Layer Color tool, we can leave blue (or whatever color you choose) both the sketch and the 3D model, and we create a raster layer to make the sketch more developed with the help of the 3D model.

And we draw using the 3D model:

The lineart

And the final result:

3D Background for 2D Animation

Now, I will show you the step by step of how to work with a 3D Background in a 2D Animation

This is the animation we are working on:

We are going to find the 3D model that we will use:

Which I bought with gold coins in the ASSETS of Clip Studio:


We import the 3D Model by dragging it to the scene:

And by selecting the 3D model with the Object tool, we can rotate and get closer to the model, achieving the ideal shot for the scene, and we also hide the animation of the girl with the visualization tool.

And we make the animation visible again:

And we see a preview:

And we are going to use the Convert to Lines and Fills tool. Which is found in the Layer menu. We select the 3D model with the object tool and carry out the action:

And we keep the default settings. In Extract line we keep it in Raster layer and we leave the Extract texture line and Fills options activated. And we accept:

And we achieved the following result, we have used a 3D model extracting the border line with Manga style hatches.

Now we are going to try converting the 3D bottom line as a vector line, to be able to edit it. Let's go to Layer - Convert to lines and frames.

But this time we change to Edit Line - Vectors Layer. And we deactivate Extract Texture Line and Wefts.

And we have extracted the border line of the 3D Background into a vectors layer. In the folder in the layers panel you can see the layer of the line which is a vector layer and the layer of the white background color.

Now we can edit the line with the Line Correction tool and in Sub-tool: Modify line width. Activating in Tool Properties: Increase.

And painted the background integrates very well into our Animation:

And we can also do a Post-Production using the Blending Modes with Gradients created in Clip Studio Paint, achieving the following result:

And this is the Animation integrated with the 3D Background:

I hope this article is useful to you! Leave me a comment if you like 3D Materials in Clip Studio Paint as much as I do.

I leave you a greeting, that you are very well and see you in the next TIP!



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