4.Adjusting pen and brush pen pressure




Adjust the pen’s sensitivity to your pen pressure.

Although CLIP STUDIO PAINT can set individual pen pressure for each pen and brush, here, we will introduce a global function that can adjust how pen pressure is applied to all tools that use pen pressure.


Adjusting pen and brush pen pressure

1. Select [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu > [Pen Pressure Settings] to open the [Adjust pen pressure] dialog box.

2. Using a pen, draw on the canvas with varying pressure.

Note: When using a Wacom stylus, click [When using a Wacom stylus] and follow the on-screen instructions.

Turn on the [Display pen pressure graph] to display a graph in the [Adjust pen pressure] dialog box. Adjusting the graph’s curves will change the pen’s hardness.

3. Click [Check adjusted result].

4. The [Check adjusted result] dialog box will appear. Draw on the canvas to check the adjusted results.

5. Click the [Complete] button to apply the pen pressure setting to all tools.

Try drawing for a while, and change the settings again if it feels out of place.


[POINT: Adjusting pen pressure to individual sub tools]

Although [Auto adjust pen pressure] adjusts the touch (pen pressure) of every pen in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, the pen pressure can also be adjusted for each separate tool.

Adjust the pen pressure curve from the [Tool Property] palette’s [Settings of pen pressure] while each sub tool is selected.



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