Draw a Japanese taxi with a line drawing and paste a screen tone


Thanks! everyone! How are you?
I'm fine somehow, there are a lot of stresses,
At that time, I draw illustrations to blow away the stress 😊
Let's draw an illustration, too 😊

This time, in the video I posted on YouTube a long time ago, I drew a taxi about 40 years ago in Japan with a line drawing and pasted screen tones.

It's a short video of about 2 minutes, but I think you can see how the screen tones are pasted.
He also talks about his impressions when drawing various things, so please have a look.

* When viewing, be sure to set "Automatic translation" to your native language.

Thank you for watching till the end 😊

And thanks to everyone, the number of YouTube subscribers has exceeded 700, thank you 😊

I will continue to send out my own way of drawing, so please support me.

See you again 😊



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