2. Drawing (Connecting/Setting an Input Device)




Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.10


[Galaxy/Android/Chromebook/iPad] Pen settings

When drawing with your device’s pen, it is a good idea to change the settings for actions done with your finger and with the pen.

Note: No change is necessary when drawing with your fingers only.


Tap the [Use different tools with fingers and pen] in the [Command Bar] to turn this on.


When [Use different tools with fingers and pen] is set to ON, the following operations are set to their initial state.


・Moving the canvas ([Hand] tool): One-finger swipe

·Selecting color ([Eyedropper] tool): Long press with one finger

Note: To edit the functions operated with your fingers, tap [Command bar] > [Set tool to use with fingers] which will display the [Modifier Key Settings] dialog.


[Galaxy Tab S series] Setting Air Actions for the S Pen

You can assign various functions as Air Actions on the Galaxy Tab S series S Pen including displaying/hiding palettes and executing menu commands.

Clip Studio Paint commands can be executed by pressing the pen button on the S Pen.


You can set commands in the dialog box by selecting [Clip Studio Paint] menu > [Air Action Settings].

Click [OK] to apply the setting.


To use air actions, select [Settings] on the Apps screen and then select [Advanced features] > [S Pen] > [Air Actions] and turn them on for Clip Studio.


[Galaxy/Android/Chromebook] How to Use Clip Studio Tabmate

Clip Studio Tabmate is an input device exclusively for use with Clip Studio Paint that can be connected with bluetooth.

When drawing on the tablet screen with your finger or pen, you can use various shortcuts and modifier keys by operating Clip Studio Tabmate with the other hand.


For details, please refer to the following.


[Galaxy/Android/Chromebook] For devices without pen pressure capabilities

 ・[Galaxy/Android] I want to draw a line with pressure

For Galaxy/Android tablets that do not support pen pressure, connecting a pen tablet such as the Wacom Intuos will allow you to draw lines with pen pressure.

On Galaxy tablets, in Samsung DeX mode, you can connect to the Wacom One LCD pen tablet.


Please see below for compatible devices.


Taper lines drawing with finger or mouse

If you check Finger or Mouse under [Preferences] [Tool] > [Options], you can draw lines that taper using your finger or a mouse.

Note: If this is the first time you have installed the software (Ver. 1.10.10 or later), it will be checked by default.

Galaxy: Displaying a preview of your work on a larger screen

Connect a Galaxy series device that supports DeX mode directly to a monitor or a computer and select “Show canvas on external monitor” from the View menu to display only the canvas on your monitor. It’s handy when you want to check out your artwork on a larger screen.




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