4. [Galaxy/Android/Chromebook] Saving and sharing works




Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.5


Once your work is completed, try saving and sharing it.

You will need to purchase Clip Studio Paint in order to save your work.


Saving and opening your work

■ Save a work


To save, tap the Save icon from the Command Bar or select Save from the File menu.

Selecting Save will save automatically.

To change the file name when saving, select the File menu > Save As.

■ Autosave (Ver.2.3 or later)

From Ver.2.3 onwards, it is possible to automatically save data after a certain period of time.

If you want to change the settings, select Clip Studio Paint menu > Preferences in studio mode.

Select File and turn on Save at regular intervals to change the Save mode, Save interval, etc.

Save interval: You can set the time in 1 minute increments between 5 and 60 minutes.

Save mode: You can select Overwrite or Save recovery information.

In the default settings Overwrite is selected.

If you select Save recovery information, if Clip Studio Paint terminates unexpectedly, the canvas will be automatically restored from the restoration information the next time you start it.


For more information about Autosave in the tablet interface of Galaxy Fold devices, please read the article below.

■ Open a work


To open a work, tap Command Bar > Open or select File menu > Open.


Publishing to social media with **Quick Share**

With Quick Share, you can effortlessly share works that are open in Clip Studio Paint.

If the image is is larger than 4096 pixels, the output image will be automatically shrunk to fit this size.


Tap File menu > Quick Share.


(2) Select the service you want to share from in the menu shown.


(3) Images are automatically exported and shared with the service selected.


Exporting in Common Formats

The data created with Clip Studio Paint is saved in the Clip Studio-specific format (.clip/.cmc).

If you want to use the work with other apps or services, select File menu > Save As to change it to a general-purpose image format such as png, jpg, psd, etc., then you can share the work with other apps and devices from the File operation/Share screen.


Change settings and export

To change settings like the Expression Color and Export Size, export from the File menu > Flatten and save to device storage.


Note: If you select Export (Single Layer) in the Galaxy/Android version, the file will be exported to File Operation/Share within the Clip Studio Paint app.


Adding a watermark to your artwork (Ver. 2.2 and later)

By checking Add a watermark at the bottom of the Export dialog, you can add a watermark to your exported image.


Set the watermark to be added in the Watermark settings dialog. You can load any image from File or From device and use the handles on the preview screen to specify the placement, size, and angle, as well as change the watermark opacity and blending mode.

Watermark settings are saved in the app, so you can apply the same settings when exporting other projects.


Export Works with Mutiple Pages

To export works with multiple pages in the Galaxy/Android version, take the following steps.

(1) Select File menu > Export multiple pages > Batch export to export to File operation/Share.


(2) If you select Export from the File operation/Share dialog box, the work will be exported outside the app in a compressed zip file.


(3) You can check the exported image file by decompressing the zip file into the device storage.


Managing Saved Works

Select Clip Studio Paint menu > File Operation/Share to display the File Operation/Share dialog box.


In the File operation/Share dialog box, you can change the name of created works, duplicate or delete them.

You can also share your work to other devices via the Share option or post your work to social media.




■ Open a clip file outside the app


Works saved in locations other than File Operation/Share will not be displayed on the Manage works screen.

To open a clip file outside the application, follow the procedure below.

(1) Tap File menu > Open.


(2) Select Import from Menu on the top right of the dialog box


(3) Select the work file you want to open from the device storage and tap [OK].


Work files duplicated from outside the app is added.


(4) Select the file you want to open and tap Open.


Importing and Exporting Works with Multiple pages in to and out of the app

By synchronizing with the Clip Cloud Service, you can share works with multiple pages between other devices.

See the following for more details.


In the Galaxy/Android version, to export a work file with multiple pages (cmc) via Export in the File operation/share dialog box, the file will be exported outside the app in a compressed zip file.

Also, when loading a work with multiple pages from an external source, you need to compress the management folder (containing the management file (cmc) and page file (clip)) into a zip file.

As with the clip file, open the file by selecting the zip file from the File menu > Open > Load to load it into the app.



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