3. Touch Operation




Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.1.0


Tablet devices allow for unique and convenient touch operations to be used.


Touch operations, can be edited via [Preferences] → [Touch gesture].

It is usually a good idea to first check what kind of settings are at work in the initial state.


[Preferences] can be displayed by tapping [Touch gesture settings] in the [Command bar] or by selecting the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu → [Preferences].


Basic Touch Operation


· Undo: Two-finger tap

You can undo lines and other operations performed mistakenly.


· Redo: Three-finger tap

You can redo the previously undone operation.


· Scaling the canvas: Two-finger pinch

You can zoom in or out of the canvas by widening or narrowing the gap between two fingers.


· Moving the canvas ([Hand] tool): Two-finger swipe

When you trace two fingers over the screen, you can move the canvas similar to using the [Hand] tool.


Adjusting the touch position


When you draw or use touch gestures, if you sense a discrepancy between the area you touch and the position on the screen, you can adjust the touch position from

Preferences > Adjust touch position.



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