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Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.1.0

The tablet version (Galaxy/Android/Chromebook/iPad) version of Clip Studio Paint features almost all the same functions as Clip Studio Paint for Windows/macOS. There are, however, some features and settings which are unique to tablet devices.


Here you will find an explanation of the basic usage for the tablet version and points to check when using the software for the first time.


● If you are new to Clip Studio Paint, see below for instructions on how to use the app in Simple Mode on a tablet.


■ For instructions on using the pen and brush on the iPad version of Clip Studio Paint, see the following.


■ For detailed information on setting up and using Clip Studio Paint functions, please refer to the Clip Studio Paint Instruction Manual.


■ To use Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy, please install the application from Galaxy Store.

Note: This service is available only on Samsung Galaxy series.


■ To use Clip Studio Paint for Android/Chromebook, please install the app from the Play Store.


■ To use Clip Studio Paint for iPad, please download the app from the App Store.


■ Plan Options


Launch and Screen Explanation

Tap the Clip Studio Paint icon to start the software.


[iPad] Wizard for Adjusting Pen Pressure

The pen pressure wizard will launch when using Clip Studio Paint for the first time on the iPad.

An [Adjust pen pressure] dialog box will appear, allowing you to fine-tune the pen settings.

(Select [Set up later] to skip)


Selecting [Set up now] will prompt you to draw on the canvas and make adjustments.

Note: When using a Wacom stylus, click [If using Wacom Stylus Pen] and follow the on-screen instructions.

After you finish making adjustments, click [Check adjusted settings].


The [Check adjusted settings] dialog will appear. Draw on the canvas to check the adjusted results.

When you are done, click [Done] to exit the wizard.




<Clip Studio Paint Initial Screen/Palette Names>

A white canvas is automatically created after Clip Studio Paint starts. The canvas (the white area displayed in the middle) is equivalent to the paper used when drawing illustrations in non-digital form.

① The [Tool] Palette

Allows you to select tools for drawing illustrations or manga.

② The [Quick Access] Palette

Tap to display the [Quick Access] palette. Frequently used tools, commands, auto actions, and other functions can be assigned to the quick access palette. Assigned functions can be easily executed from the [Quick Access] palette.

③ [Sub Tool] Palette

Tap to display the [Sub Tool] palette. Allows you to change the settings of each tool.

④ The [Tool Property] Palette

Tap to display the [Tool Property] palette. Allows you to adjust the size of the brush currently being used.

⑤ The [Brush Size] Palette

Tap to display the [Brush Size] palette. Allows you to adjust the size of the brush currently being used.

⑥ The [Color Wheel] Palette

Tap to display the [Color Wheel] palette. Tap or drag within the [Color Wheel] to select a drawing color.

⑦ The [Color Set] Palette

Tap to display the [Color Set] palette. In addition to being able to select a color from a list of standard colors, you can register and manage frequently used colors as [Color Sets].

⑧ The [Color History] Palette

Tap to display the [Color History] palette. This displays a history of previously used drawing colors. Tapping a color tile will select the corresponding drawing color.

⑨ The [Layer Property] Palette

Tap to display the [Layer Property] palette. This allows you to adjust various settings for layers. You can also display and switch between tools and sub tools that can be used on the currently selected layer.

⑩ The [Layer] Palette

This palette allows you to operate the [Layer] functions necessary for drawing digital illustrations and manga.

⑪ The [Material] Palette

Tap to display the [Material] palette. This palette is used to manage various materials that can be utilized for the creation of illustrations and manga. Some materials can simply be used by dragging and dropping them on the canvas.

⑫ The [Command] Bar

Use this to quickly create new canvases and save them.



To use Simple Mode tap Switch to Simple Mode from the Clip Studio Paint Menu on the menu bar or the ≡ icon on the Command bar.



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