CSP watercolor style watercolor style


The following is for Chinese film instruction


First adjust the reference photo, start with Edit\Hue\Hue Saturation, and adjust the saturation to the left to adjust it to grayscale. In Edit\Hue\Hue Separation, the light and dark lines of the photo will be turned into color blocks, so that we can See the shape of the shadow to draw the three-dimensional sense of the head, and it is also convenient to observe the three-dimensional drawing of the figure, as shown in the figure below.

I use the pencil tool of the pencil to draw sketches and line drafts, as shown in the figure below.

I use watercolor blooming watercolor to color, if you don't have this brush, please update your CSP, as shown in the picture below.

Then I first draw the key parts, namely the eyes, hair, and mouth. These are the key points of the avatar. After drawing these basic avatars, the appearance will be clear, that is, it will be no problem to look good at this time, as shown in the figure below.

Then I used the softness of the airbrush to paint a large area of skin tone light and shadow. When drawing a large area of light and shadow, a darkening layer can be added.

Then draw on the hat, the hat can be drawn with obvious colors quickly, and the watercolor pen will get darker and deeper, so only one color is needed to draw darker shadows all the time, as shown in the figure below.

Let's use the blurring pen with color mixing. The blurring pen can softly draw some harder color edges, and add the background color to complete it. For the background color, I choose a brighter red and purple to enhance the chroma of the picture, as shown in the figure below. .



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