Drawing Dragons


Hello Guys, how are you?!

I'm bringing in this tutorial tips on how to draw a dragon.

Anyone who likes to draw knows that the dragon figure is complex and in many ways. I will show you basic and accurate tips on how to draw your dragon.

The dragon, an animal I believe to be prehistoric, has many forms.

Why prehistoric? Because it looks like a dinosaur and has thick skin or scales. If they haven't found fossils yet, it's because they haven't looked in the right place. (joking kkkk)

The shapes of a dragon are:

These are some.

Once you've chosen which model you want to drawing, look for more information about it. Because there are other types like dragon without wings and dragon like big snakes. The dragon I chose to draw was the model that has two arms, two legs and wings. I believe to be the most common.


Below step by step how to draw a dragon's head.


Below are some models of dragon horns.

how to draw the dragon's arms.

how to draw the dragon's legs.

how to draw a dragon's body

Below are some models of dragon tails.

Model of dragon wing.

Skin, armor or scales.

Below models of dragon skin.

See the video below for a better understanding of how to draw a dragon.

I drew the dragon in black and white, to better understand the drawing. When you put color in the drawing, it sometimes hides flaws in the design. I thought it was better to leave it black and white

Important tips.

Research which dragon you are going to draw and keep in mind that what I presented was to stimulate your creativity and not as a final concept, because what matters when drawing is that your creativity must be infinite and perfect, used so that the drawing keep in mind that either a simple drawing dragons more than what is currently required or a complex drawing more than what was programmed at the moment.

Always do your best, as you have been given a drawing gift and that gift has to be displayed for all to see. Dedicate yourself to drawing, always improving and perfecting.

Stay with GOD.

Normando (NEMS)



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