Draw Eyes in a Better Way!



The eyes are one of the most important features when drawing and illustrating our characters, they will be in charge of giving it life, together with the rest of the characteristics and features.

Something that is considered easy to do, which is true, but it requires some basic knowledge to be able to structure an eye correctly and for it to be pleasant to observe.

Although I am still constantly learning to draw, with this tutorial I can help you improve your strokes and thus progress mutually.

The essential to draw eyes

The essential thing to learn to draw is to perfectly control the basic geometric shapes, this helps us break down complex objects and understand them in a simpler way.

Being mainly the square, the circle, the triangle and the rectangle in a 2-dimensional plane, but we process the information in 3: Width, height and depth.

This is what gives life and realism to the illustrations, drawing something that is in 2D, but adapting and understanding it in 3D.

The clearest example is in the cube, which is generated from the square, where it is basically a flat contour, to which dividing lines, shadows and lights have been added so that its three-dimensional structure can be understood.

With this said, you will already know what is the basic shape of the eye, right?

A sphere generated from a circle, which you can measure its 3 dimensions if you place it inside a cube or give it volume with light and shadow.

Draw eyes from their basic structure!

Well once the above is understood, we will start by drawing a circumference, then we will divide it into 4 equal parts or as proportionate as possible in order to obtain the center and place some reference points (in the center and the ends of the line). What we have just done is the basic structure of the eye, which is used to draw any style you want.

Having our base we will begin to draw the eye, starting with a medium circle in the center, this is the iris, the colored part of the eye, then within that circle we will draw another smaller one to represent the pupil.

Then we will go on to draw the eyelid, for this we will use the lateral vertices, we will name them point A and B, then we draw a curved reference line from point "A" to "B", both above and below, this measure and points We can vary them.

Now we must mark or outline the upper eyelid and trace the eyelash, which protrudes from the base structure, then we use the length of the iris as a reference to mark the lower eyelash, this measurement is not fixed, it will depend on the style or type of eye that we are drawing.

Once the above is ready, we would already have an eye, but some details are still missing.

The first important detail is the shine, these will distinguish between life and death, eyes with too much shine are indicators of an energetic character, while a dull eye, colored with a gradient, is synonymous with a sad character. , has problems or lacks vitality.

It should be noted that the glitters do not have specific shapes, but they are very similar to a bubble trapped inside the iris, although the shape of some is a triangle with rounded tips, thus creating depth.

When we have added the necessary highlights, we will draw small irregular lines surrounding the pupil in the direction of it to create even more depth and that our eye has logic.

Next, we will make a gradient on the iris, coloring from the dark tone and gradually loosen the pencil until we achieve the gradient, then we will add a shadow under the upper eyelid following its shape, we will also add a small stroke with a shadow on the upper part opposite the direction of the tabs or on the side where our reference point b is marked, which serves to indicate the depth of the orbit.

Finally we will draw the eyebrows, this will depend on the style, drawing anime is not the same as drawing realism. Resulting in our example drawing to learn and understand an eye based on its basic geometric structure.

Apply the structure and practice with your favorite styles!

The structure that I explained to you works for all kinds of styles, the more you practice it, the easier your learning will be and you will be able to master the art of drawing eyes.

To carry out a study and correct use of the structure, you must pay attention to details such as the lateral vertices that we name as points A and B. You can play with them either by raising one more than the other or perhaps closing the eyelid, you can also vary the size of the iris and the pupil and even move them a little more towards the center of the face to achieve another style or show innocence and youth in a character.

Types of eyes that you can practice

The number of styles and types of eyes is very varied, this already depends on taste and what each one wants to achieve or draw at the moment, below I will show you 3 types of eyes that I like, I drew them using the structure that I taught you and if you want you can take them as practice examples.

I suggest that, if you need support material to learn many types of eyes, start by looking at your favorite artists and structure the way they do them until you reach your own style or the one you like the most, without anything else, I say goodbye and many successes in your practices, bye!



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