This is the only way to paint! ~ Hair Edition ~


1. Introduction

Nice to meet you? Hello, I'm screaming ★!
This time I wrote an article about how to paint.
Nice to meet you, so I want you to see more.
Let's go ~

2. Hair painting

It is a hair paint.

First, fill the entire hair.

It is like this. ↓

Then turn on the light.
At that time, if you use the blur tool, it looks good.

Also, if you layer a color close to the blurred light around the blurred light, it will become more beautiful.

(It is beautiful if you add a blur to this as well.)

3, finally

Thank you for reading this far.
Nice to meet you post is convincing? There may not be, but I would like to do my best from now on.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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