TRICKS to draw faces with different angles!


Before you start, I recommend you watch the video where I explain my process step by step and I tell you all my secrets to achieve those complicated angles!

Drawing faces can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to capturing different angles. Today I bring you my tips and tricks that I like to use to draw faces especially at difficult angles with a stylized or more childish art style.

Drawing faces in difficult positions can be a fun and rewarding experience. if you follow my tips and tricks. Here are some things to keep in mind when drawing faces from different angles:

1: Loomis Method: Going Back to Basics

If you want to learn to draw faces? I recommend Andrew Loomis's book: Drawing Head and Hands. You will learn what is necessary to start drawing faces.
When we work with a style of art that is not realistic but stylized, it is important to know the rules before breaking them.
Loomis describes to us that the skull is like a ball that we then drive a nail into which will divide the sphere into four parts. Let's use a horizontal line that will represent the eyebrow line while the vertical line will represent the middle of the face. In his book he tells us in a super detailed way where each of the elements of a face goes. I recommend reading the book to understand.
Finally we will use some elements of this method to adapt it to my art style.

2: Sheet of paper method: weird but it works!

A sheet of paper?!?! It sounds weird but it's one of the best tips I can give you. Find a piece of paper and bend it…a slight curve. The sheet represents our face and this trick will help you to see the face better.
The exercise consists of drawing that leaf in different ways and we will mark the hairline and the middle of the face where you will locate the nose (it has a pyramid shape), eyes, mouth and ears. It is one of my favorite exercises because it will help you simplify the face.
Now, I recommend you look up a lot of references and we will do the same thing over and over again...remember that practice makes perfect. I recommend looking for references on Pinterest. I used the portraits from the 100 heads challenge.

3. Loomis method- Sheet of paper

How about we practice everything I explained above? Find your sketchbook or your ipad to draw together.

Drawings I made using my method for drawing faces. Tell me in the comments which one is your favourite?



With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to creating realistic and dynamic drawings of faces from different angles. Remember to keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques, and soon you'll be creating stunning portraits.

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