Hello! My name is Drawsiree and I am an illustrator in the Dominican Republic. Today I bring you a tutorial where I want to tell you the 5 steps I follow to apply color to my illustrations and the tools I use in Clip studio Paint that will allow you to add color more quickly and is perfect for beginners.

I also made a video that has all the details and shows you a step by step.

I follow this method for all the illustrations I've done no matter if it's a simple Illustration like a drawing of your OC or more complicated like these illustrations:

Paso 1: Lineart

1. Fill the layer with gray color
2. Decrease sketch layer opacity (40%)

Step 2: Base Color

Using the Enclose & Fill tool, Lasso and magic wand to select the different elements of the Illustration (strawberries, raccoon, leaves, etc) to facilitate the subsequent shading process.

Step 3: Shadows

I recommend you to use the clipping mask option as it allows me to add color in different layers without leaving the original layer (raccoon, strawberries or the leaves)

Step 4: Lighting

Step 5: Details

Step 6: Layer Modes & Gradient Maps

Add dramatic lighting using the blend and gradient map modes. This is my favorite trick and I always use it in all my illustrations.

I hope that my coloring process will be of your help and that it will allow you to enjoy this process as much as I do! Keep experimenting and practicing to find a coloring method that helps you!



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