7. Drawing backgrounds ② Telephone poles/Buildings



For clarity’s sake, in this series I will explain how I draw each part separately. In reality, the entire image is drawn step by step, and as a result, several parts and layers other than the explained parts may be explained out of order.

[1] Drawing telephone poles

(1) Finishing details are added to the telephone poles and buildings in the “front_parts” layer folder.

For telephone poles and telephone lines, I mainly use the [Pencil] tool → [Darker pencil].

(2) The telephone poles are drawn while adjusting the silhouettes and referencing photographs. I place the poles at an angle to make the scene look unstable and create the impression that the dragon has been on a rampage.

(3) Next are the telephone lines. A new layer, “pillar_parts” is made.

(4) For the lines tangled in and supporting the telephone poles, the taut parts and loose parts are drawn so they can be told apart.

[2] Drawing buildings

(1) Next are the buildings. The building is also drawn on a separate layer.

(2) To create an atmosphere of destruction, I draw a half-collapsed building. The [Oil paint flat brush] was mainly used.

Any elements in the foreground, including the telephone poles, are drawn so they are backlit by the fire in the background.

[3] Adding people

I add some people escaping. By contrasting them with the giant dragon, the scene gains a sense of scale.

New layers are made for the humans and their shadows.

[4] Drawing the background

As I wanted it to be blurred with smoke and flames, the colors in the background behind the dragon are smoothed with the [Airbrush] tool while imagining rising smoke. The aim is to make the dragon stand out by keeping the background simple.

In the next lesson, effects such as dragon’s fire is added, and final adjustments are made.



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