Using 3D Drawing Figures: Changing hand poses -Ver.2.0-





You can move the joints of each finger on the figure one by one to achieve your pose. However, you can also change hand poses easily with 1. [Hand Scanner] or 2. [Pose hand].


1. Use [Hand Scanner] to set hand poses

In Ver. 2.0 and up you can use the Hand Scanner to capture your hand’s pose with your camera and apply it to a 3D drawing figure.



Use it by selecting the 3D drawing figure with the [Object] tool and select [Hand Scanner (Camera)] from the [Tool Property] palette or [Pose] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.



In the [Hand Scanner] dialog you will see the hand pose captured by the camera in real-time which will be applied to the drawing figure.

Tap [OK] to commit to a hand pose for the drawing figure.



[Hand Scanner] dialog


1) Pause capture / Resume

Choose [Pause capture] to pause the camera input and check the still image of the pose. Choose [Resume] to start the camera again.


2) Choose the camera

If you select a camera showing the footage flipped horizontally, you will be able to shoot footage flipped as it would be in a mirror.


3) Apply to right hand / Apply to left hand

You can select which hand you want to change the pose for on the drawing figure. Choose [Apply to right hand] to choose the right hand of the figure and [Apply to left hand] to choose the left hand of the figure.



If you want to apply the same pose to both hands you can choose one side and then use the Hand Scanner again to pose the other side.


2. Use [Pose hand] to set hand poses

[Pose hand] allows you to change the hand pose easily from a palm settings screen.

In order to use this, select the 3D drawing figure with the [Object] tool and select [Pose hand] from the [Tool Property] palette or [Pose] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.



Hand controller


Drag the hand controller ([+] mark) within the central triangle area to open and close the fingers.



Fist preset


Click the grip preset buttons under the hand controller to choose between four types of fist.



Lock finger


If you click [Lock finger], it will fix the pose of each finger and not react to operations made with the [Hand controller] or the fist presets.



For instance, you can fix the index and the middle finger while the hand is open, then tap a fist to create a peace sign.




[Pose hand] or hand pose materials only apply to the selected hand (left or right). If you select body parts other than a specific hand, both hands will be affected.


3. Register pose

If you create a pose you like, you can register it as a material.

Once you save it under a name, you can use that pose whenever you like. You can also publish poses you create to Clip Studio Assets.


Go to the [Object Launcher] and tap the [Material property] button.



In the [Material property] window, enter the [Material name] and [Location to save material], then tap [OK] in the top-right corner.



You can choose to save your material in any location you like, but saving it inside the [3D] > [Pose] folder will make it easier to find later.



For details on how to use pose materials, refer to “3. Apply a pose” in the following TIPS article.


This article outlines how to change the body type of a 3D drawing figure.


For information on adjusting 3D drawing figure poses, please take a look at this article.



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